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    Basic Customization Options

    You are able to change the text, fonts and colors to create a website branded specifically to your business. You can also choose from 12 background themes, seven layout styles and 20 button styles.

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    Website Pages

    SAGE Website Standard comes equipped with the following pages:

    • Home Page: Add full-width banners, backgrounds images, and more.
    • About Us Page: List your company's history and information.
    • Contact Us Page: This page is your electronic business card, including your address, fax, phone and email address.
    • Specials Page: Include text, images and pricing of products that you have on special.
    • Links Page: This page will contain your own collection of web links. Each link can include an uploaded graphic of your choice, a title, a description and web address.
    • Help Page: Include information to help your web visitors browse through your website.
    • Custom Pages: Ability to add two custom pages of your choice
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    Free Setup & Maintenance

    We become your very own web design team! Your website includes free setup, hosting, and year-round maintenance and updates, including:

    • Adding your company logo
    • Configuring your layout style
    • Adjusting site colors and fonts to match your brand
    • Updating text and pictures on all site pages
    • Maintaining navigation elements for your SAGE Website
    • Add/Edit up to 30 navigation elements for the product research solution
    • Configuring links
    • Annual complete site overhaul and tune-up
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    Please Note: The SAGE Website Design Services include unlimited change and update requests within reason and except as specified above. Excessive or unreasonable requests may entail an additional charge, which will be submitted to you for approval prior to the commencement of any work. SAGE Website Design Services do not include logo design or other artwork services.

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    E-Commerce & Product Research

    Equipped with PromoSearch®, our complete turn-key product research solution, your website visitors are able to search all of the promotional products on your website. Your website is also e-commerce enabled, so your clients can easily place orders.

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    Tax Calculation

    Automatic tax calculations will automatically determine the appropriate sales tax for your customer without loading in tax tables. This calculator makes taxes easier to set up on your website, creates a more straightforward check-out experience, is always up-to-date, and simplifies your business's back-end management. The automatic tax calculation is available for the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

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    Virtual Samples

    Your website includes the SAGE Virtual Design Studio! Your clients can add logos to products to get a better picture of what the finished product will look like. Your clients can adjust the logo's opacity, size, color, easily remove a background in one click, and more. It's simple-to-use and enables your website visitors to be self-sufficient, saving you time and money!

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    Full-Site SSL Support

    SAGE Website Professional comes with full-site SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) support so your clients can feel secure submitting personal information and purchasing items from your site, all while boosting your SEO! You can see your secure website indicated by a padlock icon in the web address bar as well as in the URL itself, "https."

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    Domain Name

    Choose to use your own domain name or elect to use a "slash address" with one of our six standard domain names (e.g., If you already have a domain name, we'll assist you with transferring it to your new site at the proper time. If you don't have a domain name yet, we'll be happy to assist you with getting one.

    Learn more about domain registration  >

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    Email Addresses

    SAGE Website Standard also includes email! You can configure up to five mailboxes using your own domain name or one of our standard domains. Each mailbox has its own password and can be accessed using your IMAP or ActiveSync mail client (e.g., Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, iPhone, Android Phone) or using your web browser through our webmail site. If you need additional mailboxes, we can supply you with them for just $120 per year for each additional 10 mailboxes.

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