Integrate SAGE data into any system to deliver quality product information

The SAGE Connect API Data Integration Program is a unique program specifically designed for companies in the promotional products industry who wish to automatically bring data from the SAGE platform into their business solutions or website. Through this program, you can leverage the strengths of your own products, as well as SAGE, to build the perfect bundled solution for our mutual customers.



SAGE Connect API is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) developed by SAGE that allow communication with SAGE services and integration into other services. The APIs are all modern JSON formatted data and use regular HTTPS posts. SAGE offers APIs that may be applied to various applications as well as websites. These APIs give you the ability to integrate product data, inventory, order status, presentations, and more. Integrators can access and integrate these APIs for free. Integrators can also see all their connected accounts in the dashboard, so you can monitor stats for your customers and access or reset authentication keys.


Integrate the most accurate and robust data in the industry into your service, backend program, website, etc. Using the SAGE Connect API, you can integrate SAGE product searching and other data directly into a third-party application, whether that’s another service provider’s application or your own internal application. When integrating with SAGE, you will find clean data that is easy to integrate, saving you time and money.

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If you are using the APIs for a service you offer distributors, each distributor company will need a Total Access subscription. Depending on what API is integrated, there may be a per-query price for distributors. We offer a certain number of credits for our customers each month; then they will pay for any query overages each month.

Get Started

The SAGE Connect API Data Integration Program Developer’s Guide will explain everything you need to perform the integration to our services. Simply log into and then click on Developer APIs.

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