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SAGE Online 17
SAGE Online 17

Created with you in mind

The new SAGE Online 17 includes over 185 new features and enhancements. From an updated look and feel to upgrades including new search criteria and filters, increased functionality in the presentations area, and plenty of new features in Project Management, there’s something for everyone!

We’ve also implemented several customer-requested features like the ability to send invoices with payment links through Order Management and add client text messaging preferences in the CRM module.

SAGE Online 17 SAGE Online 17
SAGE Online 17

Product Searching

  • Canadian-Friendly product search criteria option. This is a mix of all the Canada-related search options we already have.
  • Decoration Available search filter option that excludes products that cannot be decorated by the supplier.
Product Management
Product Management

Project Management

  • Add "Sample" and "Artwork" as a standard workflow step
  • Now remembers project dashboard filter and sort settings
  • Excel export and printing of project dashboard
  • Set whether or not your clients can see the activity notes in their client dashboard
  • Edit or delete your own activity notes
  • Copy activity notes to clipboard
  • Text search filter for activity notes
  • Filter activity history by workflow step or to show notes only
  • Support for unlimited number of shipments for a project
  • Edit PDF or EPS proof
  • Send project updates "from" the account exec if email is hosted by SAGE
  • Customize colors in customer emails for project notifications
  • Shows project description when hover over the project name
  • Add additional text to client emails
  • Enable or disable client dashboard option by client or project
  • Allow payment through dashboard option (using SAGE Payment Processing)
  • Customize colors for client dashboard


  • Specify which template you want to use when you are creating a presentation
  • Added new functionality to the tile view so you can rearrange products by drag and drop or drag products to other presentations, orders, email, or publication
  • Option to show or hide all items in presentation (now you see them, now you don’t!)

Virtual Samples

  • The SAGE Virtual Design Studio is now faster than ever before. Vroom, Vroom!


  • Go to client or project directly from task snapshot list
  • Set a particular client logo as their primary company logo
  • Map to client office
  • Text message preferences for client contacts

Order Management

  • Invoice includes link for payment. This link will take them to the client dashboard so they can pay directly on your website. Show me the money!
  • Project links included in all client-facing forms
  • Filter option to include all forms with a follow-up regardless of status or date
  • Option in setup to BCC other email addresses when sending to supplier
Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

  • Sort email campaigns dashboard list by column headers
  • Drag and drop or right-click and copy products from presentation to email design
  • Drag and drop items to reorder them in the email design
  • Customize the scheduling of the email campaigns with more specificity. Now you can schedule a campaign for a specific day of the week
  • Option to schedule email campaign to go to next business day for schedule
SAGE Online 17

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