What is the SAGE Insider Program?

The SAGE Insider Program is an exclusive group of SAGE customers helping to shape the vision and future of our products and services. As part of this group, you become an integral part of SAGE’s continuing development activities. “Real-life” feedback from our customers is critical to continuing to make our products and services as good as they can possibly be. We want to know what you really like about our services? What areas can be improved? What can we add to help you grow your business even more? You get the idea.

What are the benefits of being a SAGE Insider?

direct access

Direct access to our development team
You’ll be able to communicate directly with our developers to provide ideas and feedback regarding SAGE products and services.

direct access

Admission to the exclusive SAGE Insider Discussion Group
Exchange ideas, share feedback, and learn about new and upcoming features through the member-only SAGE Insider Discussion Group.

contribute to product quality

Contribute to the quality of products you use every day
As a SAGE Insider, your feedback helps shape the future of our products. You’ll play a direct role in helping us and become an active member of our development process.

contribute to product quality

You’ll be listed on the exclusive SAGE Insider Membership list and have access to the SAGE Insider branding that you can use as you see fit. Insiders will also receive special recognition at many industry shows so that your colleagues will know you’re an Insider!

contribute to product quality

Invitation to SAGE Insider Events
The SAGE Insiders typically get together for meetings and/or receptions at various industry events, including The PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity to meet directly with SAGE management and development team representatives and network with other Insiders.

contribute to product quality

Insider’s look at the roadmap and future plans
SAGE Insiders will get exclusive early access to future ideas and the development roadmap.

contribute to product quality

Elite membership
All SAGE Insiders start at the registered level. The SAGE development team will periodically invite a very select group of registered SAGE Insiders to become Elite Level Insiders. This ultra-exclusive group of Insiders will be selected based on (a) number of years of continuous use of SAGE products and services, (b) proven record of providing valuable and productive feedback, and (c) general dedication to SAGE and our products and services. Elite Insiders will get access to confidential longer-term roadmap plans and early access to alpha and beta versions of products and services before they are released to the public.

SAGE Insider Program Requirements


SAGE Insiders must have been active SAGE customers for at least one (1) year before being admitted into the program.


SAGE Insiders will be expected to use our products and services frequently and provide routine feedback. Your membership in the program will be terminated if a periodic review indicates that you are not meeting this requirement.


You may choose to leave the SAGE Insider Program at any time.


SAGE may terminate your membership in the SAGE Insider Program at any time.


The Elite membership level is by invitation only. We certainly welcome your feedback if you have interest in becoming an Elite member, but please recognize that acceptance at the Elite level is limited to a very few customers and is the result of an analysis of many factors including general group size.

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Simply log in to sagemember.com and complete the form.

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