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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Improve Your Customer Service

From sticky notes to spreadsheets, businesses today manage their accounts in a variety of ways. However, utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the number one way to simplify customer data, organize client history, schedule follow-ups, and everything else related to tracking current customers and prospective leads.


What can you do with the CRM module in SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile?

  • Manage customer and prospect contact information
  • Track leads
  • Record sales opportunities and follow up details
  • Link email conversations, order forms, and presentations directly to customer details

Why should you use the CRM module?

  • The secure, cloud-based system ensures you never lose your CRM information, even if your computer crashes
  • Every SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile user can view notes, actions, and other information to help them better serve customers
  • Your client information is accessible to you and your team in real-time
  • SAGE’s CRM module integrates with your email to easily keep track of all email communications with customers

In addition to streamlining customer information, the SAGE CRM module ties seamlessly into SAGE email campaigns. That means no more typing in customer names and addresses, no more wondering what client received which email. All of your emails can pull data from the CRM module, populating company names, email addresses, the works!

Rather than letting valuable insights and information fall through the cracks with sticky notes and spreadsheets, why not keep track of everything in one place with the SAGE CRM tool?


Know Your Customers

Know your accounts inside and out with customer activity history. You can record details about your conversations, view order history, attach files or images to easily reference, and schedule follow-up tasks. Knowing your customers allows you to provide better customer service, leading to increased sales.

Personalize Every Encounter

The clients’ information automatically transfers to sales orders, presentations, and emails. You can even set the tax rate the company falls in, saving you the trouble of researching each time.

Real-Time Updates

Capture next steps immediately following a conversation or a meeting, so nothing is forgotten. The updates seamlessly appear in real-time to the rest of your team, so everyone is aware of what’s going on.

Watch a video on how to use SAGE’s CRM tool.

Manage Daily Tasks

View a snapshot for the tasks that need to be completed each day. If you want to look ahead, click on the calendar to view tasks for other days.

Update On-the-Go

The CRM module is also available in SAGE Web and SAGE Mobile so you can manage your leads and opportunities on-the-go.

View Monthly Goals

View insights on your monthly and yearly goals so you can see where you stand and what areas to focus on.


white paper

White Paper:
The CRM Strategy:
A Distributor's Guide to Higher Profits and Happier Customers


Is there an additional cost?

No, the CRM module is included with your SAGE Total Access subscription.

Will my emails be automatically added to clients' history?

Yes. Anytime an email is sent through SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile, a carbon copy is automatically added to that specific client’s history section in the CRM module. Also, you can automatically add sent emails to the clients’ history notes by including addhistory@sageonlinecrm.com in your CC or BCC field. Or just use the email button from within CRM and it will upload automatically!

Can I import my client list or do I have to add each contact one by one?

You can import directly from Outlook, or add client information to the SAGE CRM excel template and do a mass upload. Click here to learn more about importing your client list.

Does CRM easily integrate with SAGE Email Campaigns?

Yes! You can assign your contacts to groups and schedule or send marketing emails through SAGE’s Email Campaign module to the assigned groups. You also have the option to send emails to all clients or all new prospects, saving you time from having to update the lists and ensuring you’re reaching your entire customer list.

Can I have more than one contact listed under a company?

Yes! There is not a limit to the amount of contacts per company you can add. It is required that each company must have a main contact, but as many additional contacts can be added as you’d like!

Will my order management information show up in the clients’ profile?

Yes! Invoices, quotes, sales order and receipts will all show under your clients’ profiles, so you won’t have to spend time searching for each one. Now everything will be in one place.

Can I set up custom pricing for clients?

Yes! You can set your clients’ profile preferences to include: state tax rates, payment terms, discounts, special pricing, preferred shipping carriers, and even the shipping account number.

Will my presentations show up in the client's history?

Anytime you send a presentation through SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile, it is automatically copied to the client’s history.

Can I keep my clients hidden from others on my account?

Yes. You have the option to make all of your contacts and companies private, so only you are able to view them. You also have the ability to assign clients to other team members.