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When you’ve been in the promotional products business as long as we have, you feel a certain obligation to keep it thriving.

That’s why most of our features are a direct result of customer requests and recommendations and why we let you take SAGE for a no-obligation test drive to ensure you’re happy with it.

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SAGE Online

The top-rated promotional product research tool in the industry, with over one million products from nearly 4,300 suppliers. SAGE Online is packed with powerful features that streamline your business processes, including:

Promotional Product Research

Promotional Product Research
With the most advanced search tool in the industry, you can quickly and easily narrow down over one million products from 4,300 suppliers to find exactly what your client is looking for.

Presentation Publisher

Presentation Publisher
Create professional product presentations for your clients in a flash using SAGE’s Presentation Publisher, which can pull products directly from the SAGE database.

Verified Products

Verified Products
SAGE is the only database that allows suppliers to verify their product information and pricing, so you can be confident your quote is accurate.

Order Management

Order Management
Easily create quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, reorder items, and more – with the click of a mouse!

Customer Relationship Management

360 degree customer relationship management helps you improve your customer service by tracking all customer interactions throughout SAGE and even allows you to schedule tasks and reminders.

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Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns
Reach your customers where they are – in their inboxes! SAGE Email Campaigns make creating effective marketing emails so easy, all you need to do is click send.

Website Solutions

An online presence is one of the most important marketing tools every company needs to have. If you don’t have a website, you’re losing business to companies that do. Fortunately for you, SAGE website solutions make it easy for anyone to create a professional company site in minutes without needing to know anything about web development. Better yet, your website gives customers the ability to search through SAGE Online's database of promotional products and even make purchases directly from your site.

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Website tools


SAGE Web is the solution for SAGE users who want to access SAGE data on any device, including Mac computers and Windows smartphones and tablets. With SAGE Web, you can search for products, look up customer information, check orders, view presentations and access other SAGE Online information from any device with internet access!

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SAGE Mobile

Carry your business in your pocket with SAGE Mobile, the app available on iOS and Android devices that allows you to search for products, look up customer information, check orders, view presentations, and access other SAGE Online information – all from your mobile device.

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SAGE Mobile

The fact that SAGE offers to help my team find products anytime convinced me to switch from ASI. My reps also like how SAGE gets them access to 30% more Suppliers than ESP. Plus, SAGE’s search is more effective. ESP drove me crazy – doing a search for “metal awards” would get me all kinds of products that weren’t awards! With SAGE I put in Awards, then Metal - and I’m on my way!

Robyn Patterson, Sales Manager
The Branding Agency Powered by Proforma

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