What is the Total Access subscription?

Total Access is a new subscription plan for distributors offering unlimited access to SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile and SAGE Web for one low per-user price. With Total Access, each person within your company who wishes to access SAGE Online, SAGE mobile and SAGE Web will receive a license. Each named user with a license can then install SAGE Online or SAGE Mobile on up to five of their own devices and access SAGE Web from any device with internet anytime.

How is Total Access different then my current subscription?

Prior to Total Access, SAGE Online was sold on a concurrent user license model. This meant that only one person could access SAGE Online at a time. If you only had one license and you had multiple people in your office, you had to coordinate your usage with others in the office since only one person could be online at a time. You could purchase additional concurrent user licenses, but they were fairly expensive for some smaller offices. And if you wanted SAGE Mobile, that was a separate annual subscription per device.

With the new Total Access Subscription, each person in your office will get a Total Access user license, which means they can all be accessing SAGE Online at the same time without any worries. Plus, SAGE Mobile and SAGE Web are both included as well for no additional charge. The base Total Access subscription comes with one named user license, and then you will just purchase additional named user licenses as needed at a new, much lower price than the prior concurrent user licenses.

How much does Total Access cost?

The Total Access Subscription costs $49 a month or $495 a year for the first named user license. Additional users are just $9 per month or $95 per year.

What does “named user” mean?

A named user is a person within your organization. Each named user has his or her own login to access SAGE services. We’ll customize your experience based on your login in a variety of ways. For example, all of your private clients will be saved within your CRM so only you can view their information. Your order history and order management forms will also only be accessible by you. When you log in to SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile or SAGE Web using your login ID, your personal preferences, Project Center files, and default search settings will all be readily accessible and synchronized regardless of where you log in. All of your named users are also part of your organization, of course, and therefore will be able to access organization-level files such as shared Project Center files, shared client records, and more.

How many Total Access user licenses do I need?

You will need one license for each named user who wishes to access SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile and/or SAGE Web. For example, if you have five people in your office, you will get the first license as part of your base subscription and then you will purchase four additional user licenses.

Can I share a named user license with others in my office?

No. Every person who would like to access SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile, or SAGE Web must have their own named user license and login.

Can I transfer a named user license to someone else?

Yes. Suppose Jane leaves your organization. When she leaves, you can simply remove her license and give it to John, her replacement. John will have his own login that is distinct from Jane’s and any other staff at your organization. Any user at your organization with administrator rights can easily manage license assignment and transfers in www.SAGEmember.com.

If I switch to Total Access, will my login stay the same for SAGE Online?

It depends. Once you are on Total Access, each user has his or her own login ID and password. If you already have a login ID and password setup, you’re good to go. If you have been logging into SAGE Online using your account number, then you will need to set up a user with a login ID and password to use for all SAGE services, including SAGE Online. SAGE Mobile already only allowed user logins.

How do I set up a user?

To set up a user login to www.SAGEmember.com. If you have forgotten your password click the Forgot Password button. Once you log in go to the Users tab at the top, click the new user button and complete all of the necessary information.

Why do I have to set up a user in www.SAGEmember.com?

Previously, many of your personalized features in SAGE Online were saved on your actual computer. This became problematic when distributors needed to get all of that same information onto a new computer or access it from a mobile device. Because of this, all of your personalized information, such as your clients in your CRM, search defaults, preference groups, order form templates, favorite products, product and supplier ratings, shared Project Center and much more, is saved in the cloud. This way your experience will be consistent and familiar with access to all of the information you need, no matter where you are accessing it. In addition, from a security standpoint, you can control access on a per-user basis in www.SAGEmember.com which is valuable when you have staffing changes or if you want to control individual access to certain services or features.

What does device mean?

A device is any hardware that you install SAGE Online or SAGE Mobile on. Examples would include your PC, laptop, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, NOOK HD and Kindle Fire. Each named user can put SAGE Online or SAGE Mobile on up to five of their own devices.

Will SAGE continue to support my current subscription plan?

Yes. Current SAGE Online subscribers who would like to stay on their current subscription plan may do so as long as there is no lapse in service. However, SAGE Mobile will soon only be accessible to Total Access subscribers. Existing customers are encouraged to discuss the new plan with their SAGE account executive to see if it makes sense to switch. The flexibility, additional access, and pricing of the new plan will make it a worthwhile change for most existing customers. New SAGE customers will be on the Total Access Subscription plan.

Can I have more than one person using SAGE Online at one time?

Certainly! The initial Total Access subscription comes with your first named user license. Then you will just purchase as many additional named user licenses as needed. All of your named users can be on SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile, or SAGE Web at the same time.

Can I get additional users?

Yes, additional users are $9 a month or $95 a year. An additional user will have the ability to install SAGE Online or SAGE Mobile on five of their own devices.

What happens if I have a Small Office Suite or Enterprise Suite Package?

There are multiple new packages available that include a combination of multiple named user licenses as well as web products comparable to the Legacy Small Office Suite and Enterprise Suite Packages. We’ll help you determine which new package is the best fit for your organization based on how many named users and other services you need.

How does this affect my site accounts?

Site accounts will no longer be based on location once your company is on the Total Access Subscription plan. You will now be able to have multiple sales reps/office locations on the same account. As such, most customers will prefer to combine their site accounts into one main account when converting to the new Total Access Subscription.

How does this affect my Application Connector Licenses?

It doesn’t. You will still need the same number of Application Connector Licenses as you have named users.

How do I upgrade my current account to the Total Access Subscription plan?

Email us at info@sageworld.com or call 800.925.7243 and ask for your account executive to switch your current plan to Total Access. The conversion will just take a minute. To convert your account, we will exchange your SAGE Online main license for a Total Access main license. Then any additional users under the Legacy plan will convert to Total Access named users at a 3:1 ratio (3 named users for each Legacy additional user). Your expiration dates will all stay the same. You will not owe any additional money unless you would like to add additional named users or other services as part of the conversion.