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The SAGE Distributor e-Newsletter is a monthly publication emailed to approximately 45,000 industry distributors and their salespeople. The newsletter is filled with industry news and events, FAQs, marketing tips and ideas, industry trends, and product information.

Advertising in our Distributor e-Newsletter is the perfect way to reach your target audience for brand recognition as a piece of your comprehensive marketing strategy.

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Flexible Opportunities

Advertise alongside the latest SAGE news! You have five advertising options depending on your design and budget needs.


Increased Website Traffic

Your ads can link to a website of your choice, meaning more traffic to your site.


Prominent Ad Spots

With a limited number of ads per email, your ads will be more prominent and highly visible to 45,000 distributors.


Lasting Impressions

The Distributor e-Newsletter emails are available in SAGE Online, SAGE Web and SAGE Mobile for three months, so distributors have many opportunities to see your ad.

SAGE E-Newsletter Ad

Supplier Spotlight Articles

$2,500 per month

Publish an article in the SAGE Distributor e-Newsletter and get your news in front of 45,000 distributors and their salespeople! A supplier spotlight article is an exclusive advertising and public relations opportunity only available to one supplier each month. The article can be up to 250 words, include your logo, and one image or video.

Top Banner Advertisement

$2,000 per month

The top banner ad is an exclusive position and is the first ad readers are going to see when they open the e-newsletter. There is only one top banner ad available per month.

SAGE E-Newsletter Top Banner Ad
SAGE E-Newsletter Tile Ad

Tile Advertisement

$600 per month

Tile ads grab readers' attention as they scroll through the articles. There are eight tile ad spots available per month.

New Supplier Spotlight

$400 per month

This spotlight is for new suppliers to promote themselves to SAGE distributor users and instantly increase their brand recognition. There are five spots available each month and each supplier can participate up to three months. This spotlight includes your logo, a short 250 character message, and a link to your website.

SAGE E-Newsletter Ad
SAGE E-Newsletter Top 10 Ad

Top 10 Products

$500 per month

(limited to one product per company, per month)

Include your products in the themed Top 10 Featured Products included in each monthly Distributor
e-Newsletter. The top 10 product themes are timely relevant to what distributors search for most during that month. This advertising opportunity is limited to one product per supplier per month.

Check out the top 10 product themes  >



Top Banner Ad

  • Size: 750 pixels x 73 pixels
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Text: Font size must be at least 8pt

Top Tile Ad

  • Size: 182 pixels x 125 pixels
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Text: Font size must be at least 8pt

Bottom Tile Ad

  • Size: 270 pixels x 122 pixels
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Text: Font size must be at least 8pt

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If you are an Advantage Member and interested in advertising in SAGE Distributor e-Newsletters, contact your SAGE Account Advisor.

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