Connect with SAGE and give your customers real-time updates.

SAGE Connect is a full-featured API that enables suppliers to sync their back-end systems with the SAGE database. This gives suppliers the ability to automatically update product information, add inventory levels, include order tracking information, and more in SAGE when they update their back-end system.

SAGE Connect is included with a SAGE Advantage Membership.


Give distributors an accurate count of your products with real-time inventory levels.

Distributors feel more confident placing an order with a supplier when they know the product they’re ordering is in stock. By connecting, you will have the ability to integrate your inventory levels with the SAGE database to keep an accurate count of how much of each product you have available. It also helps improve your customer service because it lets distributors know that either the product is in stock, or it is on backorder and they should expect delays.


Provide distributors with real-time order status information.

Through SAGE Connect, you’ll have the ability to integrate order status with SAGE Total Access, so distributors know where their orders are every step of the way. You’ll improve your customer experience and lighten the number of calls your customer service representatives receive daily from distributors inquiring about the status of their orders.


Update your product data automatically in SAGE.

After connecting, your back-end product data is synced with the SAGE product database. This means when you update your product information in your own system, like pricing or colors, it will automatically be updated in SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile, SAGE Web and other web services.



Download Product Data

This request should be used if you would like to use SAGE data for your own purposes, including reviewing and updating your data in the SAGE database.


Download Orders

Download your order data from distributors who submitted orders via the SAGE order management system.


Verify Distributors

Quickly and easily verify contact information with the SAGE distributor database in order to confirm the authenticity of a promotional products distributor.


Process Credit Card Sales

SAGE Payment Processing customers can submit transactions from their system instead of manually keying them into our virtual terminal on

SAGE Connect

Who is Connecting

  • AAA Innovations
  • ADG Promotional
  • Alfa Instruments
  • ALightPromos
  • alphabroder - CA
  • alphabroder - US
  • Alpi International Ltd
  • Ariel Premium Supply Inc - CA
  • Ariel Premium Supply Inc - US
  • ArtechPro - CA
  • ArtechPro - US
  • Augusta Sportswear Brands - US
  • AZX Sport - US
  • B&F System Inc
  • BamBams LLC
  • Bankers Pen Co Inc
  • Bay State Specialty Company
  • Blank Activewear
  • Book Company
  • Bullet - PCNA
  • Cameo Novelty & Pen Company
  • Castelli Magnet, LLC
  • Champro
  • Compass Industries - CA
  • Compass Industries - US
  • CounterPoint
  • CPS / Keystone (Custom Plastic Specialtes, LLC)
  • Crystal D
  • C-Slide
  • Cutter & Buck - CA
  • Cutter & Buck - US
  • Debco - CA
  • Debco - US
  • Dezine Corp Inc
  • Digispec
  • DollarDays International Inc
  • Evans Mfg
  • Exquisite Images
  • FIEL - CA
  • FIEL - US
  • Galaxy Balloons
  • Gemline - CA
  • Gemline - US
  • Gill-Line
  • Gold Bond Inc
  • Halls & Company
  • High Caliber Line
  • Hirsch Gift
  • Hit Promotional Products - CA
  • Hit Promotional Products - US
  • HUB
  • iClick
  • IDproductsource
  • IMAGEN Brands
  • Koozie Group
  • Leeds
  • Lincoln Line
  • Links Unlimited
  • Logomark Inc.
  • Made to Promo
  • Memory Innovation Promo
  • Moderne Glass Company Inc
  • Omni Apparatech Inc - CA
  • Omni Apparatech Inc - US
  • Otto International Inc
  • Peerless Umbrella Company - US and CA
  • Qpromo
  • Quick Print
  • SanMar
  • Seville Corporation
  • Showdown Displays
  • Simba
  • SnugZ USA
  • Somcan Marketing & Sales
  • Southern Plus
  • Specialtising Int'l
  • Specialtising Int'l
  • Spector & Co - CA
  • Spector & Co - US
  • St Regis Group- CA
  • St Regis Group- US
  • Starline USA Incorporated - CA
  • Starline USA Incorporated - US
  • Staton Corporate & Casual
  • Sunjoy Group Inc
  • The Americanna Company-MA
  • The Magnet Group
  • Towel Specialties
  • UnderArmour - CA
  • UnderArmour - US
  • Vantage Apparel
  • Visions

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