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SAGE Online™ is the top-rated promotional product research and business management software in the industry, with over one million products from nearly 4,300 suppliers. It is packed with powerful features that streamline your business processes.

With SAGE Online, you can easily search for promotional products and suppliers, manage your orders, create professional presentations, maintain your customer relationships, plan for tradeshows, and more!

Meet SAGE Online 14

We’ve added over 150 new features including an industry-first custom catalog and flyer design studio, printing services, a full payment processing solution and more.

10 Reasons Why You Need SAGE Online:


It's the only database with Verified by Supplier certification, so you can be confident that product information and pricing is accurate and up to date.


With the largest database of promotional products in the industry, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for.


SAGE Online has more search and sort options than any other research tool, enabling you to narrow millions of products down to the exact one you’re wanting.


Through the SAGE Integration Toolkit, suppliers can seamlessly sync their product updates and your order status in real-time to the SAGE database, giving you the most up-to-date information available.


You can easily save and organize all files related to a particular client project via the cloud-based SAGE Project Center.


The complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module helps you improve your customer service so business keeps returning.


Use the robust Order Management tool to stay on top of your orders, and integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks.


The powerful Presentation Publisher allows you to easily create professional sales presentations for your customers.


There are numerous FREE education options available for you to get the most out of your products and services.


Your dedicated account executive works directly with you to improve your business.

The Benefits of Using SAGE Online

Product Research

 Product Research

SAGE Online has over one million promotional products for you to search from to find the exact product you need.

  • View multiple product images showing you different colors and angles
  • Ask, answer, and view product questions in the Q&A tab
  • Search broadly or narrow down your criteria using over 60 search fields to find even the most specific product
  • Use multiple tab searching so you’re not forced to drop one task to be able to start another
  • View real-time inventory levels, product pricing, and other details
  • Post products directly to SAGE Website showrooms and SAGE Company Stores
Supplier Research
Supplier Research

 Supplier Research

Search our database of nearly 4,300 promotional product suppliers by category, location, rating, and other search criteria such as women-owned and veteran-owned businesses, QCA certification, and more!

  • Find local embroiderers, screen printers, engravers, and more with the new decorator search option
  • Find complete supplier information
  • Flip through supplier product catalogs
  • Access and contribute to the industry’s most reliable supplier rating system
  • Browse supplier sales tools, which includes marketing flyers, sales presentations, and more
Verified by Supplier

SAGE is the only database that allows suppliers to verify their product information and pricing, so you can be confident your quote is accurate.

Supplier Research

Presentation Publisher Presentation Publisher

The presentation of a product can make or break a sale. SAGE Online’s Presentation Publisher allows you to quickly and easily create presentations that are professional and fit with your company’s brand.

virtual design studio integration

Seamless integration with the new Virtual Design Studio allows you to add customized products to your presentations.

Full Rich Text Editor

Full rich text editor gives you the ability to customize your presentation, and add images and hyperlinks. You can now highlight, bold, change fonts, align text, and so many other features.

Presentations in the cloud

All your presentations are now in the cloud so you can access them from any computer, and they are safe and secure in case your computer crashes.

Responsive Web View

We’ve added a new web view for all presentations which creates a responsive webpage of your presentation that will display correctly on any device.

  • Customize Your Presentations

    Every presentation you create can be completely customized. You can create corporate presentation templates to share with your entire company, or user-based templates specific to each SAGE Online user. You also have the ability to set custom fields, such as charge options and shipping charges based on quantity.

    Customize Your Presentations
  • Presentation Dashboard

    The presentation dashboard displays all of your recent projects and provides sort and filter options. You can add quick notes to presentations as internal comments that the clients won’t see.

    Presentation Dashboard
  • Instant Feedback

    Distributors and clients can both add comments and feedback directly to a presentation. Distributors receive an instant notification when a comment is added.

    Instant Feedback
  • Product Gallery View

    The photo gallery view displays photos of all products included in a single presentation. This feature allows you to compare all of your items side by side and get an overall impression of the presentation.

    Product Gallery View
  • Multiple Ways to Present

    View presentations as a standard PDF, display large product images, or compare products. You can also display presentations via the new slideshow layout or as a responsive webpage.

    Multiple Ways to Present
  • Share Your Presentation

    Share a link to a presentation so clients can see updates in real-time instead of resending files. Or choose to deliver via email, share on SAGE Mobile, or post on your website, either publicly or password protected.

    Share Your Presentation
  • History Tracking

    The Presentation Publisher automatically tracks any events, such as edits, saves, and opens, in the history section of each presentation.

    History Tracking
Project Center

 Project Center

Easily save and organize all files related to a particular client project. The SAGE Project Center is cloud based, so not only is it secure, but you can also access it from any device and allow other employees to view certain project information.

Save & Organize


Catalog Pages





Order Forms

Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAGE Online’s enhanced CRM module lets you center your business on what’s important – your customers. Use the customer relationship management solution made specifically for promotional products distributors to track customer communications, search history, documents, order history, leads, and everything else you can think of related to your customers.

never lose your crm information

The secure, cloud-based system ensures you never lose your CRM information, even if your computer crashes.

add emails to client history straight from inbox

Add emails to client history straight from your inbox, so you never forget which emails you have sent or received from each customer.

Keep all client documents in a single place

Keep all client-related documents in a single place. Go paperless by scanning documents for safe, searchable electronic access at any time.

Client Specific Tasks

Link tasks and follow-ups to specific client contacts at each company to further personalize your customer service.

  • Logo Library

    Stop searching through menus and folders for logos! You can add client logos to the CRM, and the logo will show up automatically in the Virtual Design Studio when you need to make a virtual sample.

    Logo Library
  • Client Updates in Real Time

    Add new clients and share client information with the rest of your team in real time, so everyone is always up to speed. Keep track of your entire client history, including account changes, order history, presentations sent, notes, emails, search history, and more.

    Client Updates in Real Time
  • Prioritize Your Tasks

    Priority-based tasks make organizing your day easier! Schedule tasks and follow-ups so you never miss a sale, and quickly capture next steps after a phone call by setting ratings for each client and their sales potential.

    Prioritize Your Tasks
  • Company Street View

    GPS street view helps you navigate to clients’ businesses.

    Company Street View
  • Active Client Selector

    Use the new active client selector to choose a customer’s name, and the system will automatically link the client’s data as you perform searches, create forms and presentations, and more.

    Active Client Selector
SAGE Online Order Management

SAGE Order Management integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, or you can export your data via XML.

Order Management

 Order Management

Easily manage all of your orders in SAGE Online. Create quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, reorder items, and more. SAGE Order Management is fully integrated with product research in SAGE Online and with your CRM module, so data is moved to each form as you move through the order process.

  • Run reports to track sales performance for each member of your team
  • Eliminates the need to rekey information, thus decreasing your margin of error
  • Quickly turn presentations into sales orders with the click of a mouse
  • Easily monitor and track production order status at suppliers’ factories to see where your orders are
  • Create customized tax fields for each customer
  • Track delivery of order forms
  • Include artwork and other file attachments with orders
  • Set up email alerts to be notified of changes to order status
  • Orders are sent to suppliers directly through the SAGE network, which saves you time and decreases the margin of error
SAGE Online Order Management

SAGE Order Management integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, or you can export your data via XML.

Virtual Design Studio Virtual Design Studio

Our easy-to-use virtual sampling tool helps your customers visualize what their finished product will look like by allowing you to add their logo to any product image from SAGE Online or your own uploaded image.

user-friendly design

User-friendly design and easy navigation.

add virtual samples to presentations

Easily add virtual samples to presentations or send via email.

comprehensive file support

Comprehensive file support, including EPS, AI, PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

  • Create Virtual Samples

    Change the color of the logo to work best with specific products. You can also use effects like logo resizing, skewing, cropping, opacity, curving, and more. Virtual Design Studio also has PMS color support to ensure color consistency.

    Create Virtual Samples
  • Add Custom Text

    Add text with over 40 font choices, with multiple font sizes and color options.

    Add Custom Text
  • Easily Remove Backgrounds

    Automatic background removal so you don’t have to worry about transparencies.

    Easily Remove Backgrounds
  • Save to Project Center

    Project Center storage enables you to open and edit files in the Virtual Design Studio after they’ve been saved.

    Save to Project Center
SAGE Payment Processing
Payment Processing + Stripe
Payment PRocessing

 Payment Processing

SAGE Online includes the ability to directly process credit and debit cards through SAGE Payment Processing™. We’ve teamed up with Stripe to create a payment processing solution that is quick, simple, and easy to understand.

  • No monthly fees, pay as you go
  • Simple online application process
  • Process cards in SAGE Mobile for convenient transactions even out of the office
  • No funding delays
  • No commitment - cancel anytime


Fee Categories
Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express Rate 2.9%
Transaction Fee 30 cents
Optional card reader for SAGE Mobile (one-time fee) $45.00
SAGE Payment Processing
Payment Processing + Stripe

  NEW FOR 2018!

The SAGE Print Studio

Need to create your very own catalog or flyer for your next sales presentation or for a client’s company store program? The SAGE Print Studio in SAGE Online makes it easy to create affordable custom catalogs or flyers that add the finishing touches to your sales process.

Add your own completely customized cover or choose one of our stock covers and add your logo. You can easily add your logo with no graphic design skills required.

Choose from a variety of layouts and then add any products from the SAGE database to your catalog or flyer. Custom catalogs can contain as few as four pages or up to 32 – the choice is yours.

You can save a flip book or PDF version of your catalog or flyer to easily send to your clients! See an example of a custom flip book here.

Or, have us print them and ship them to you! You can even order as few as one. Orders typically ship in just two business days.

SAGE Print Studio
SAGE Online Specials


Never miss out on supplier promotions and sales with SAGE Online’s specials feature. You can browse through types of specials and filter them by various criteria, set up a watch list for product categories, and receive alerts when specific products go on special.

SAGE Online Specials
Discussion Groups

 Discussion Groups

Need help finding a product? Looking for ideas or marketing suggestions? Start a discussion group in SAGE Online and watch solutions pour in! SAGE Discussion Groups allow you to solicit help from other distributors in the industry who understand your business.

You can create a public discussion group to share with all SAGE promotional product distributors, or create a private discussion group to communicate exclusively with specific groups and colleagues.

SAGE Online Discussion Groups
SAGE Online SAGEim
SAGEim SAGE Online


Using SAGE’s messaging system, you can chat live with supplier representatives to get answers to your questions about products, orders, and more.

SAGEim can also be used as an internal messaging system within your own office! Every person with a SAGE user license can be logged in and chatting in real-time.

You can also use SAGEim to get research help for those hard-to-find products from a SAGE research expert.

SAGE Online SAGEim
Tradeshow Planner

 Tradeshow Planner

You can search for upcoming tradeshows based on number of booths, distance from a certain area, or search by keyword! Simply select a show to see which suppliers will be exhibiting. You can filter exhibitors by preference groups, or search for a particular exhibitor at a certain show.

Before attending a show, browse through exhibitors and create a walk list of the booths you want to visit. All of your Tradeshow Planner information will link to your SAGE Mobile account, so you’ll be ready to visit booths, meet with suppliers, upload pictures, and more directly from the tradeshow floor!

You can also export your walk list, create a post-show report, and export any content related to shows in your Tradeshow Planner.

SAGE Online Tradeshow Planner


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Our Total Access subscription gives your distributorship unlimited access to SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile for one low per-user price.

With SAGE Total Access™, you only pay for the number of users needed. Each user can install and use SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile on up to five devices.

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My first experience with SAGE Online was fantastic! It could not have been easier to order the product directly from SAGE Online. In the past, I would need to fill out a PO, save to PDF and then email it over to the supplier.

After submitting the product order through SAGE Online, I quickly received the order confirmation and have already been contacted by the supplier for prepayment. I didn't even have to follow up to track down the order. SAGE has made everything faster and easier!

Brian Drysdale
Instant Imprints