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Take advantage of these free resources that will not only help you succeed with SAGE products and services but power up your promotional products business! For live webinars, to how-to videos, to helpful blogs, we've got everything you need and then some!

Live Webinar

Each month, we host free live webinars on topics designed to help you grow your business with SAGE.



Supercharge Your Sales Through Customer Experience

Presented By: Emily West, Sr. Account Advisor, SAGE

1:00pm CT

Your relationship with your customers is what makes your business thrive, but if you could improve their experience, increase your sales, and save yourself a little time in the process, would you do it? Of course you would! In this webinar, we'll show you easy tools you can use to engage with your customers, streamline your communication, and close more sales faster.

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Travel Industry Deep Dive

Presented By: Bille Forman, Vice President of Marketing, SAGE

1:00pm CT

Join us as we take a deep dive into the latest trends and ways to target the travel industry. We’ll discuss product ideas to pitch and share with a large audience through showrooms, company stores, presentations and more.

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distributors  How-To Videos

Fast-track your SAGE skills and dig into our library of helpful, quick tutorial videos! From the basics of how to get started to the nitty-gritty details of features, there are videos for every level of SAGE experience.

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Suppliers  One-on-One Sessions

Let's work together to get you and your team up-to-speed in real time! Schedule a free, personalized session with a SAGE expert to go over any questions you and your team may have!

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White Papers

Suit up for a deep dive! These educational white papers provide you with a better understanding of various solutions and strategies for your business.

White Paper

A Distributor’s Guide:

10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

White Paper

Promote Your Website Like A Pro:

Top Ways to Increase Online Engagement

White Paper

The CRM Strategy:

A Distributor's Guide to Higher Profits and Happier Customers

White Paper

The Company Store Solution:

How to Save Time, Retain Clients and Boost Sales

White Paper

The Company Store Solution:

An E-Commerce Store for All Your Promotional Product Needs


Cheat Sheets & Guides

Teachers would probably call it cheating, but we call it teamwork. We've condensed some robust topics into easy-to-digest “cheat sheets” you can refer back to anytime you need a little help! Gold stars for everyone.

SAGE Cheat Sheets
SAGE Cheat Sheets

faqs  FAQs

Your questions, our answers, all conveniently organized in one place. Get answers to common questions about SAGE products and services.

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blog  SAGE Blog

Read weekly articles with marketing and sales strategies, galleries of fresh product inspiration, productivity tips, and industry-specific business advice to keep you competitive!

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The SAGE Insider Program

Already on your way to becoming a SAGE expert? The SAGE Insider Program is an exclusive group of SAGE subscribers helping to shape the vision and future of our products and services. As part of this group, you become an integral part of SAGE's continuing development activities.

We want to know what you like about our services? What areas can be improved? What can we add to help you grow your business even more? You get the idea!

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