Distributor FAQs

Your SAGE Account

What is SAGE Total Access?

Total Access is the subscription plan for distributors offering unlimited access to SAGE Online, SAGE Web and SAGE Mobile for one low per-user price. With Total Access, each person within your company who wishes to access any of our research and business management platforms will get a license. Each named user with a license can then install SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile on up to five of their own devices.

What does "named user" mean?

A named user is a person within your organization. Each named user has his or her own login to access SAGE services. We’ll customize your experience based on your login in a variety of ways. For example, your personal preferences, File Center, private clients, and default search settings will all be readily accessible and synchronized when you log into SAGE Online, SAGE Web or SAGE Mobile using your login ID. All of your named users are also part of your organization, of course, and therefore will be able to access organization-level files such as shared File Center, shared client records, and more.

How many Total Access user licenses do I need?

You will need one license for each named user that wishes to access SAGE. For example, if you have five people in your office, you will get the first license as part of your base subscription and then you will purchase four additional user licenses.

Can I share a named user license with others in my office?

No. Every person who would like to access SAGE must have their own named user license and login.

Can I transfer a named user license to someone else?

Yes. Suppose Jane leaves your organization. When she leaves, you can simply remove her license and give it to John, her replacement. John will have his own login that is distinct from Jane’s and any other staff at your organization. Any user at your organization with administrator rights can easily manage license assignment and transfers in www.sagemember.com.

How do I set up a user?

To set up a user, log into www.sagemember.com. If you have forgotten your password click the Forgot Password button. Once you log in, go to Account, then Users in the left side navigation. Next, click the New User button and complete all necessary information. Click here to watch the video tutorial “Managing User Profiles in SAGE Member.”

What does device mean?

A device is any hardware that you access SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile on. Examples would include your PC, laptop, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, NOOK HD, and Kindle Fire. Each named user can put SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile on up to five of their own devices.

Can I have more than one person using SAGE at one time?

Certainly! The initial Total Access subscription comes with your first named user license. Then you will just purchase as many additional named user licenses as needed. All of your named users can be on SAGE Online, SAGE Web or SAGE Mobile at the same time.

Can I add additional users?

Yes, additional users are $9 per month or $95 per year. An additional user will have the ability to install SAGE Online, SAGE Web or SAGE Mobile on up to five of their own devices.

How do I install SAGE Online?

Installing SAGE Online is simple. Log into www.SAGEmember.com and click on the Support tab, then click Downloads. For further instructions, click here or watch a video showing you how to install SAGE Online.

What should I do if I can’t remember my login information?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link on the SAGEmember.com front page. If you need further assistance contact SAGE Support.

Can SAGE run on a Mac?

Yes! SAGE Web allows you to access SAGE information on a Mac using the internet browser.

I am a new distributor; how do I get started/what forms do I need if I don't have any suppliers as references?

Please contact our sales department for assistance.

SAGE Mobile

How do I install this new app on my iPhone/iPad or Android device?

Go to the App Store on your iOS device or Google Play on your Android device. Search for SAGE Mobile and download the free application.

Do you plan to support other devices in the future?

We currently have no definite plans to support other devices, but we continue to monitor the mobile OS landscape and may support other devices if there is enough demand. SAGE Web™, our web-based platform, can be accessed on any device with internet access.

How do I get additional device licenses?

To purchase additional device licenses please click here and complete the SAGE Distributor Application or call your SAGE Account Advisor.

Does SAGE Mobile support mobile payment processing?

Yes! If you subscribe to SAGE Payment Processing you may process credit and debit card transactions from SAGE Mobile.

Does the tradeshow planning feature require an internet connection?

You need to be connected to the internet the first time you open the show, but we realize many times in convention centers and other venues where shows are held, you may not have cell coverage. Once the initial data is downloaded, other operations will be cached and SAGE Mobile will operate offline until the connection is restored.

Is a subscription to SAGE Online (the desktop version of SAGE) required for SAGE Mobile?

With a SAGE Total Access subscription, each user can install SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile, and SAGE Web on up to five devices. Each named user will need their own license. If you do not have a SAGE Total Access subscription, you will only have access to the Tradeshow Planner area of SAGE Mobile.

What devices are supported?

Please click here to view all supported devices.

CRM Module

Is there an additional cost?

No, the CRM module is included with your SAGE Total Access subscription.

Will my emails be automatically added to clients' history?

Yes. Anytime an email is sent through SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile, a carbon copy is automatically added to that specific client’s history section in the CRM module. Also, you can automatically add sent emails to the clients’ history notes by including addhistory@sageonlinecrm.com in your CC or BCC field. Or just use the email button from within CRM and it will upload automatically!

Can I import my client list or do I have to add each contact one by one?

You can import directly from Outlook, or add client information to the SAGE CRM excel template and do a mass upload. Click here to learn more about importing your client list.

Does CRM easily integrate with SAGE Email Campaigns?

Yes! You can assign your contacts to groups and schedule or send marketing emails through SAGE’s Email Campaign module to the assigned groups. You also have the option to send emails to all clients or all new prospects, saving you time from having to update the lists and ensuring you’re reaching your entire customer list.

Can I have more than one contact listed under a company?

Yes! There is not a limit to the amount of contacts per company you can add. It is required that each company must have a main contact, but as many additional contacts can be added as you’d like!

Will my order management information show up in the clients’ profile?

Yes! Invoices, quotes, sales order and receipts will all show under your clients’ profiles, so you won’t have to spend time searching for each one. Now everything will be in one place.

Can I set up custom pricing for clients?

Yes! You can set your clients’ profile preferences to include: state tax rates, payment terms, discounts, special pricing, preferred shipping carriers, and even the shipping account number.

Will my presentations show up in the client's history?

Anytime you send a presentation through SAGE Online, SAGE Web, or SAGE Mobile, it is automatically copied to the client’s history.

Can I keep my clients hidden from others on my account?

Yes. You have the option to make all of your contacts and companies private, so only you are able to view them. You also have the ability to assign clients to other team members.

SAGE Email Campaigns

What are SAGE Email Campaigns?

SAGE Email Campaigns is a marketing module within SAGE Online created specifically for the promotional products industry. Promotional product distributors can create customizable email marketing designs and layouts or send clients ready-to-go email designs created by SAGE. Email marketing can help companies market themselves to current and potential customers.

What if I want to send more than my tier allows in a particular month?

Once your emails per month count runs out, SAGE Online will alert you and ask if you would like to purchase more.

Do I have to have a subscription to SAGE Online to use SAGE Email Campaigns?

Yes. The email campaign feature is a module within the SAGE Online platform.

Do I have to know HTML or be a graphic artist to create a quality email?

No! Our email designs and layouts have already been created for easy use! Creating your email is a simple step-by-step process that anyone can do!

How are the products for the emails chosen?

You can choose products directly from a SAGE Online product search or products saved in your File Center. You also have the ability to add your own products. For the ready-to-go emails, the products spots are purchased by suppliers

Are the emails customizable?

Of course! You have the ability to upload your company’s logo, add a custom banner image, include your own header, introduction, closing and footer text and even add your social media icons! Plus, you can add your own products, giving you a completely customized look!

Can I create my own email from scratch?

Yes, there is a "blank slate" option where you can create your email from scratch – either in plain text or HTML. If you are using HTML, it’s easy to copy your code from another HTML designer.

Where do the product images in the email campaigns link to?

If you have a SAGE Website the products will link directly to their respective product detail page on your website, where your customers will be able to purchase the product or browse for other products. This is your OWN website powered by SAGE – not a standard template with your logo on it! If you do not have a SAGE Website, and you are not interested in adding it, you can still use email campaigns. In that case, you would just set the "More Info" link to the website of your choice.

Is there an option for me to send something without doing any design work?

Yes! We add two predesigned marketing emails to SAGE Online each month that are filled with products, banner images, and product descriptions. All you have to do is upload your logo and contact information and click send! It’s that easy!

Can I add social media icons?

Yes. Under Step 2 > Options> Show Social Media Icons. Once you input the URL to each social media platform in your setup area, the icons will automatically populate in your emails.

How do I load my distribution list?

Your distribution list can be uploaded directly from SAGE Online’s CRM area, eliminating any uploading or separate list management. Your distribution list will be updated automatically as you make changes in CRM. If you prefer, you can still upload your own list from a CSV or Excel file.

What type of tracking or reporting will I get?

SAGE Email Campaigns includes complete tracking and reporting so you can see your open rate, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

What does it mean if my email "bounces"?

Bounces are contacts that didn't get the email that you sent to them. The email "bounced" out of their inbox for a few possible reasons, such as:
  • The email address is incorrect
  • The message is undeliverable from lack of internet connection
  • Their mailbox is full
  • They have a vacation or auto-reply in effect

What happens if someone unsubscribes from my list?

When someone clicks unsubscribe, their name will automatically be taken off of the list and they will be marked in CRM. You have the option to turn this off if you do not want for them to be removed.

Can I resend an email?

You can resend your email as many times as you'd like to the same contacts or you can schedule your emails to automatically be sent to new contacts who have joined your mailing list since your email was last sent.

Are the emails compliant with various laws regarding email advertising?

Various jurisdictions have different laws regarding email advertising. It is up to you to check your local laws to make sure your emails comply. However, as part of our service, we provide all of the tools that you need to make your emails compliant with the most common laws and regulations related to email marketing. For example, we handle unsubscribe requests for you, provide sample footer language that complies with the CAN-SPAM Act, and more.

SAGE Payment Processing

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a US technology company operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet.

How do I process payments in SAGE Mobile?

You must be a SAGE Total Access subscriber to use SAGE Mobile. With Payment Processing, you can view your transactions and process payments any time within SAGE Mobile.

Does Stripe support both US and CAD dollars?

Yes. Stripe is available for both US and Canadian dollars. The rates are the same for both.

How long will it take for the money to get into my account?

Funds typically show up in your bank account within 2 business days. Note that it may take a few days longer than normal on your FIRST transaction.

How do I process payments in SAGE Online?

You must be a SAGE Total Access subscriber to use SAGE Online. With Payment Processing, you can view your transactions and process payments any time within SAGE Online. SAGE Payment Processing also integrates with your CRM and order management modules to make the process even easier.

How do I process payments in SAGE Web?

You must be a SAGE Total Access subscriber to use SAGE Web. With Payment Processing, you can view your transactions and process payments any time within SAGE Web. SAGE Payment Processing also integrates with your CRM and order management modules to make the process even easier.

SAGE & PPAI Relationship

What is the PPAI and SAGE strategic alliance?

This strategic relationship brings together two of the strongest organizations in the promotional products industry - PPAI and SAGE. As part of the relationship, SAGE Total Access subscribers will automatically receive a PPAI membership and, in turn, PPAI members will receive a licensed subscription to SAGE Total Access. Whether signing up through PPAI or SAGE, distributors will automatically begin receiving the benefits of both organizations immediately. This partnership provides the comprehensive benefits of PPAI with the cutting-edge technology solutions and business services provided by SAGE.

Why is this important to the promotional products industry?

Distributors now have both membership support and the industry-leading research and business management solution for one low price, backed by two of the leading organizations in the promotional products industry.

Do I have to call SAGE to redeem anything?

No. Distributors with PPAI annual dues of $495 (doing less than $250,000 per year in promotional products sales) no longer have to redeem a voucher in order to subscribe to SAGE services, making it easier for you to receive these combined benefits. If you are a larger distributor, you’ll continue to receive a $495 voucher when you renew your PPAI membership that you can apply as a credit to the purchase of any SAGE services.

Who do I pay, SAGE or PPAI?

As part of this new streamlined process, distributors will receive a single, co-branded invoice for your PPAI membership and SAGE Total Access subscription. This co-branded invoice will come via email from SAGE and will show both your SAGE subscriptions and your PPAI membership, along with your $495 (annual) or $49 (monthly) credit. You will pay SAGE by following the instructions on the invoice.

Can I pay on a monthly plan?

Distributors now have the option of being billed on a monthly or annual basis for their PPAI membership and SAGE Total Access subscription. If you choose to be billed monthly, we’ll automatically and conveniently charge your credit card each month for the monthly price of $49.

I am a SAGE Total Access subscriber but not a PPAI member. What do I do?

No problem. Distributors that are current SAGE Total Access subscribers will receive a PPAI membership automatically! You do not need to do anything to begin utilizing PPAI membership benefits. PPAI will contact you with more information about your membership benefits.

I am a PPAI member but not a SAGE Total Access subscriber. What do I do?

Distributors that are current PPAI members will receive one license of SAGE Total Access automatically! This will give your first user access to SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile, SAGE's premier suite of product research, presentation, CRM, order management, and virtual sampling tools. Then you just pay for your additional users ($95/year or $9 per month each) and any other SAGE services that you need.

How do I get started?

An easy first step is to go to TrySAGE.com for a test drive! You can learn about all the features and modules available with SAGE products and services. We also offer plenty of training, how-to videos, and even virtual one-on-one meetings. If you ever have questions, you can contact your SAGE account executive.

Order Management Module

Do you integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, documents created in the SAGE Order Management module can be exported into QuickBooks. We recommend using QuickBooks Premiere 2008 or Enterprise 8.0 or later. QuickBooks Online is also supported; however, some functionality is not available. Read more about how to export from SAGE Order Management to QuickBooks here and how to integrate SAGE with QuickBooks Online here.

How do you enter apparel?

You will need to add each apparel size as its own item in Order Management. Watch our training video on this here.

Can my customer pay invoices in Order Management or Projects?

Yes, we integrate with Stripe to allow you to accept payment through the Client Dashboard of Projects to pay invoices. A link will be included on the footer of the Client Invoice if you have enabled the Client Dashboard and selected to allow payment for Projects.

How do I add custom suppliers or products?

To add custom products, select "Add From Scratch" under the Items section of an Order Form. To add custom suppliers, select New under the Supplier Information section of supplier-facing forms. Watch our training video on creating a purchase order for a supplier not found in SAGE here.

Is there an additional cost for Order Management or Projects?

No, both the Order Management and Projects modules are included with your SAGE Total Access subscription.

Is there an area to put in a custom order number?

Yes, you can add a custom Job number or PO/Ref number on the forms. If you convert one form into another (ex: start with a Sales Order and copy it into a Purchase Order), the job numbers will remain the same.

Can I upload old orders to Order Management?

No, you cannot add old orders to Order Management. However, you can add documents to a client's History in the CRM.

Can I attach artwork to supplier POs?

Yes, you can attach artwork from a local file or logos stored in the SAGE Client CRM or from the SAGE File Center.

Can I see when a supplier views my PO?

Yes. To view the history of a PO, select History from the Order Management dashboard to view when a document was created, saved, and viewed, along with other History notes you have added. You can also see when the recipient picked up files attached to the PO.

How do I get started using Order Tracking?

Choose the supplier you'd like to receive Order Tracking status from by entering their name into a Supplier Search. Once you select the supplier, go to the My Supplier Info tab along the top. Under the Personal Info tab, add your account information with that particular supplier next to "My Customer #." Below that, select the Order Status Option for "Get order status updates for this supplier." You will be able to view Order Tracking under the Order Management Dashboard for suppliers that participate in Order Tracking through SAGE.

How do I set up and run commission reports?

First, log in to www.sagemember.com and choose Accounts > Users. Select Edit next to the user you would like to set up commission percentages for. Next, log in to SAGE Online and go to the Order Management module. Select "Reports" at the top and choose Report Type: Commissions. Watch our training video on how to set up commission reports here.

Projects Module

How do I change my workflow?

Log in to SAGE Online and go to Tools > Options > Projects > Workflow Steps to customize your workflow. Here you can turn any of the default steps on or off, rearrange the order, and add your own steps.

Do the PO numbers automatically populate?

You can auto-assign the PO/Ref number field using the date for new supplier forms. To turn this option on or off, go to SAGE Online > Tools > Options > Orders > Other Options and select the box next to this option to enable or disable automatic PO/Ref numbers.

Can I add outside documents to projects?

Yes, artwork and proofs can be added from files stored locally on your computer.

Can I use the projects area without the client portal?

Yes, the client portal can be enabled/disabled per project or overall for a client. To enable/disable per project, check/uncheck the box next to Client Dashboard under the General tab for that particular project.

The client dashboard can be enabled/disabled as a default setting for new clients added to the SAGE CRM module. To see defaults, go to Tools > Options > CRM > New Client Defaults > select Enable and Allow Payments to set as a default.

Can you display paid invoices?

Yes. If you're using Stripe, you will have the option to allow payment through the Client Dashboard. Invoices will display as Unpaid, and the client will see an option to "Pay Now." Once they submit payment through the online portal, the invoice status will change to "Paid." A Paid stamp will appear across the top of the invoice in preview mode.

Can I limit what my users can view and access in Order Management and Projects?

Yes. Your Account Administrator can set up User Access Rights. To select Access Rights, log in to www.sagemember.com, go to Account > Users > Edit next to each user, and choose the Access Rights tab to make changes.

Is the client automatically updated on changes?

Under the General tab of a particular project, you can select "Auto-update" for Client-Side Status. In addition, you can choose to Send Updates to Client and Send Shipping Confirmations. If you decide to update clients, they will receive notifications for the following items: Consultation, Order In Process, Proofing Complete, Shipping Complete, and Complete.

Can you do Projects without the CRM?

No. Projects are associated with Clients, so adding your customer to the Client CRM is recommended.

Can you use Projects without Order Management?

Yes. You may choose to create a Project and omit the Order Management section.

How does my client access their Dashboard?

A link will be generated to allow the client access to their Dashboard. To send the link, go to the Projects module, select the Project, and under the General tab, choose to Copy Link to Clipboard or Email Link under MyPromoDashboard Link. You may also access the Client Dashboard for all Projects under the Clients CRM > Choose a Client > General Tab – Dashboard Link.

Supplier FAQs

Getting Started

How many distributors use SAGE?

There are approximately 45,000 distributor users.

How can I get listed in the SAGE database?

Visit our page “Becoming a SAGE Advantage Member” for more information.

What is a SAGE Advantage Membership and how does it benefit me?

The SAGE Advantage Membership allows your company to take advantage of all the opportunities SAGE has to offer. SAGE will help increase your sales with our powerful marketing and advertising opportunities directed at the distributor and end buyer. The SAGE Advantage Membership also gives you control of your product information by allowing you access through the SAGE Supplier Center, where you can update and verify your product information.

What are the ways that distributors search for products?

The top three ways distributors search for products are product category, product keyword, and Verified by Supplier products, which is only available to Advantage Members.

How do I access the SAGE Supplier Center?

You can access the SAGE Supplier Center through the website www.sagesuppliercenter.com. The SAGE Supplier Center gives Advantage Members the ability to access various tools, including reviewing, updating and verifying supplier profiles and products in real time.

What is the SAGE Supplier Center and how do I use it?

We’re glad you asked! The SAGE Supplier Center is like your control center; you can find all you need to know about it here.

I can't log in because I don't know my username and password. Who can help?

Contact Customer Service to request this information.

When does my Advantage Membership expire?

Contact your SAGE Account Advisor to learn more about your membership information.

Listing and Updating Your Products

How do I submit or make changes to my products?

You must be a SAGE Advantage Member to have your products listed in our database. Once you are a member, you will have complete control of your product information 24/7 through the SAGE Supplier Center. You can send us your product information for standard turnaround, update your products individually, or use our expedited spreadsheet-based updating method, SAGE Bulk Product Update. Click here for more information on the four ways to update your catalog.

Who should I email about updating my products?

Email all of your product updates to supplierupdates@SAGEworld.com.

How do I view my products listed in SAGE?

You can view your products via the SAGE Supplier Center or visit www.checkmyproducts.com. Click on Search and enter your SAGE # in the "Our Item #" field.

What does "Verified" mean?

Verified means a supplier went into the SAGE Supplier Center and verified the accuracy of their products, information and pricing. Once a supplier verifies the accuracy of their information, distributors will see a "Verified by Supplier" icon next to their products to confirm that the information is current.

How do I verify my products in the SAGE Supplier Center?

For instructions on how to verify your products, click here.

What is order tracking?

Suppliers are able to upload order tracking information for distributor access within SAGE. Thousands of distributors using SAGE can easily check the current status of their supplier orders and even schedule alerts when the status changes. Suppliers may also upload order tracking information in real time using SAGE Connect. If you are an Advantage Member and would like to include your order tracking information in SAGE for FREE, please contact your SAGE Account Advisor.

Exhibiting at Tradeshows

I'm interested in exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow; what opportunities are available?

SAGE Event Services (SES) produces and manages many tradeshows for the promotional products industry, including the popular Promo Live.

Advertising in SAGE

Do you offer paid placement opportunities?

We do not offer paid placement, but if you upgrade to our SAGE Advantage Membership, you can take advantage of our search results "featured product" position.

How do I upload my banner artwork?

Click here to watch a quick video walking you through how to set up and upload your electronic banner ads in the SAGE Supplier Center.

SAGE ShowLink

How will I get my leads after the show with ShowLink?

You will go to www.sagemember.com to access your leads and download reports. You may also export the lead list from your mobile device. See Exporting Leads from a Show in ShowLink for more information.

Can I use my device's camera to scan badges or do I need a scanner?

Yes, both the iOS/Android app support scanning badges (see device requirements below) with the device's camera.

So if I have the latest version of Showlink for iOS or Android, do I need a scanner?

Since versions 5.0 and later can scan all standard barcode types using the device's build-in camera on your mobile device, the Bluetooth scanner is optional. Users may still want to use a scanner. Some users find that it is easier to use scanner with a tablet, and/or they may want to leave the device mounting in a stand, etc.

What mobile devices are supported?

Click here for iOS and Android devices that are supported (5-megapixel or higher rear facing auto-focus camera or Bluetooth scanner required. Some features require a camera.).

Can I use any scanner with the iOS/Android app?

No. The apps were designed specifically to integrate with the Socket Mobile 7xi scanner, which we sell. This is a small Bluetooth wireless scanner that is easy to travel with and use.

Does ShowLink work at every show?

ShowLink can read barcodes from the attendee’s badge provided they contain the necessary data. For a list of shows that have used compatible badges in the past, please click here.

Can I use ShowLink on multiple devices in my booth?

Absolutely. ShowLink works great with multiple scanning devices. When scanning from multiple devices, all of your leads will be aggregated into one list automatically for reporting. Each device needs its own ShowLink device license (and scanner if you are using scanners). So you will just need to purchase as many licenses and scanners as you need.

SAGE Payment Processing

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a US technology company operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet.

Does Stripe support both US and CAD dollars?

Yes. Stripe is available for both US and Canadian dollars. The rates are the same for both.

How long will it take for the money to get into my account?

Funds typically show up in your bank account within 2 business days. Note that it may take a few days longer than normal on your FIRST transaction.

Still can't find what you're looking for?

Get in touch with our support team! Submit a support ticket and we'll come to the rescue!

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