Live education on
The PPAI Expo show floor

January 15 - 17, 2019  |  Mandalay Bay Convention Center  |  Las Vegas, NV
January 15 - 17, 2019
Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
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Where and When:

Get an inside look into SAGE products and services during SAGE Experience on the PPAI Expo show floor at the back of the hall between aisles 3100 and 3300. Tuesday, January 15 through Thursday, January 17 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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What to Expect:

We will present live education sessions right on The PPAI Expo floor! Sessions include expert tips on how to create company stores for your clients, launch effective email campaigns, drive more business with a professional website and more!

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Exhibits Open


to 10:30am

Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience With SAGE Mobile (CAS 0.5) CAS

Join us to discover how SAGE Mobile can help you save time and maximize your tradeshow experience! Learn how to create a custom show floor walk list to easily find suppliers and remember who you visited. See how you can add notes, pictures, audio, and video recordings, view exhibitor information, check the education schedule and more!


to 11:15am

SAGE Online 101: The Essentials to Make a Major Difference in Your Business (CAS 0.5) CAS

Class is in session for distributors who are new to SAGE or want a refresher course. Get introduced to the industry’s most popular research and business management solution. We’ll unpack the most powerful features of SAGE Online, including our database of over one million products from nearly 4,300 suppliers, the presentation publisher, order management, and the CRM module. Come see why SAGE is the number one choice for 45,000 distributors!


to 1:30pm

The Beginner's Guide to the CRM Module (CAS 0.5) CAS

Gone are the days of fishing out business cards from the bottom of your wallet. In this session, you'll learn how our CRM module helps you manage your business relationships and store all your client data in one place. Whether you need to send a quote to a client or you want to plan a follow-up with a lead, our CRM module makes it easier for you to manage your workday and your client requests. You'll also leave this session with the knowledge of how to utilize the CRM module for when you're sending email campaigns or building flyers and catalogs in the SAGE Print Studio!


to 2:15pm

Less Effort, More Orders With SAGE Order Management (CAS 0.5) CAS

Discover how to easily convert a professional sales presentation into a quote or sales order. Then easily create the purchase order, order acknowledgement, packing list, and invoice to manage your order from start to finish with both your client and your suppliers. You'll also learn how the SAGE Order Management system integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and how to export data for other systems.


to 3:00pm

Email Campaigns: Drive More Sales With Just a Few Clicks (CAS 0.5) CAS

SAGE Online’s predesigned email campaigns make it easy to reach your clients and prospects with fresh product ideas! You’ll learn how to easily add your logo to our ready-to-send email campaigns. We’ll also show you how to create a custom email using one of our templates and drag-and-drop products from the SAGE database. Best of all, we’ll show you how to track your success by viewing your open and click-through rates in SAGE Online!


to 3:45pm

Company Stores: The Time-Saving Solution for You and Your Clients
(CAS 0.5) CAS

With a company store, you can offer a seamless, modern online ordering experience to your clients for their branded merchandise! You’ll lock in business with a client while they enjoy their own convenient and completely customizable online store stocked with their company uniforms, employee incentive gifts, to popular swag they order often. We’ll show you how to incorporate SAGE Company Stores into your offerings, how to qualify a client, and what exactly makes for a successful company store.


to 4:30pm

Create Your Own Catalogs and Flyers With the SAGE Print Studio (CAS 0.5) CAS

In this session, you’ll meet an industry-first feature, the SAGE Print Studio. Need to create your very own catalog or flyer for your next sales presentation? The SAGE Print Studio makes it easy to create custom marketing materials that add the finishing touches to your sales process. We’ll show you how to create print and virtual catalogs to send to your customers before a meeting, or to promote a company store you created for a new client.