SAGE Connect API

Integrate SAGE data into your website or application

The SAGE Connect API is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) developed by SAGE that allow communication with SAGE services and integration into other services. The APIs are all modern JSON formatted data and use regular HTTPS posts. SAGE offers APIs that may be applied to various internal applications as well as websites. These APIs give you the ability to integrate product data, inventory, order status, presentations, and more.

Unlike our other research tools that are turn-key solutions, SAGE Connect API was specifically developed for complete customization and integration into your website’s architecture or internal application.

SAGE Connect APIs



Highest Quality Data

Integrate the most accurate and robust data in the industry into your website or internal application. When integrating with SAGE, you will find clean data that is easy to integrate, saving you time and money.


Search Algorithms

Leverage SAGE search algorithms to take advantage of additional data fields from the SAGE database, such as the ability for users to search by zip code.


Real-Time Updates

Syncs with the SAGE database in real time so your product data is always up to date.



Use the data how you want - the customization possibilities are endless.



Hosted on redundant servers for optimum performance and availability.


Local Caching Option

For distributors who require locally cached product data for searches SAGE offers a local caching option instead of retrieving in real time.

SAGE Connect API


SAGE Connect API pricing is based on how many queries are used each month. Each SAGE Total Access license includes 100 queries per month. After 100 the cost per query is based on the type of query used.

Additional query rates

Search Query: 4 cents per query

Detail Query: 4 cents per query

Detail Query with Supplier Information: 12 cents per query

SAGE Connect API

Get Started

For more information on integrating SAGE data into your website, log into with your SAGE login ID and password and choose SAGE Connect API in the left navigation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

SAGE Connect API