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Launch your company's web presence with SAGE WebExpress™! This easy-to-use, customizable website is included for FREE when you subscribe to a SAGE Online. Creating a website can be expensive, time-consuming and a headache. But with WebExpress anyone can quickly and easily create an entire website in just a few minutes. Also, the hosting of your WebExpress site is included! Best of all, you can add and modify your site's content at any time without knowing anything about web programming.

For distributors that want more design help or don't have the time to keep up with their website, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance package for WebExpress.

SAGE PromoSearch can be added to your WebExpress site to provide complete end-user product searching and e-commerce.

If you're looking for a more powerful solution with company and staff directories, showrooms, presentations, and much more, check out WebExpress Pro.

SAGE is proud to offer a powerful suite of upgrades to our web services designed for distributors and suppliers who are looking for a new, ultra-modern web presence that is fully customizable yet easy to maintain.

The NEW WebExpress features include:

New design themes and layouts
SAGE's new themes and layouts allows for a more updated and modern look.

Image rotation on home page
Looking to make your website more of your own? Now you can choose from one of our 30 rotating graphics or upload your own for a more custom look on your homepage.

Social media links
Link your company's social media platforms from your website, allowing for more client interaction and sharing.

Rich text editor to fully customize pages without HTML coding
It's easy to update your pages in our templates without any knowledge of HTML coding for full customization opportunities.

Optimized for maximum SEO
Maximum SEO allows for your URL to have higher rankings on search engines.


  • Add text, logos, specials, links and much more
  • Change font, color, text and graphics
  • Select your own domain name
  • Includes five email addresses with IMAP/POP access and webmail
  • Easy to use web-based administration area
  • Site instantly updates
  • Create a professional company image
  • Meta tag and search engine optimization features
  • Site statistics
  • No programming or HTML knowledge needed


  • SAGE WebExpress Features
  • SAGE WebExpress Features
  • SAGE WebExpress Features
  • SAGE WebExpress Features

Sample Sites

Now that you've heard all about SAGE WebExpress, you probably want to see it for yourself! Below is a link to our sample site, ABC Promotions:

Below are links to LIVE example sites of WebExpress.

PLEASE NOTE: These are live distributor sites. Please do not submit any carts to these sites. To test the cart functionality, you can submit carts on our ABC Promotions site (see above) and it will send the cart pick-up information back to you so you can see exactly what comes through when a customer submits a cart to you.

For more website examples, click here


Maintenance Package

Although SAGE WebExpress was designed to allow non-web-programmers to completely customize and design their own site, we also recognize that most distributors would rather be running their business and making sales, not keeping up with their website! With the SAGE WebExpress Maintenance Package, we'll become your very own web designer!

Get expert design assistance and save time by having the SAGE Web Development Team maintain your company website. It goes without saying that company websites have become a critical marketing tool in today's business landscape. Keeping your company website updated and fresh is critical to remaining competitive in the world of online business. While all of our web tools are specifically designed for easy customization without you having to know anything about web programming, website maintenance probably isn't at the top of your to-do list. That's where we come in. With a maintenance package, we become your very own web designer. Our creative, professional team of web designers will keep your site in tip-top shape. Whether you just want some text to be updated to a complete web design overhaul, we'll take care of it for you so you can spend your time running your business.


  • Adding your company logo
  • Configuring your layout style
  • Adjusting site colors and fonts to match your corporate brand
  • Updating text and pictures on all site pages
  • Maintaining navigation elements
  • Configuring links
  • Configuring company specials
  • Annual complete site overhaul and tune-up

Please Note: The WebExpress Maintenance Package includes unlimited change and update requests within reason except as specified above. Excessive or unreasonable requests may entail an additional charge, which will be submitted to you for approval prior to the commencement of any work. Maintenance packages do not include logo design work or other art design services. We recommend that customers use SAGE's ArtworkZone service for reasonably-priced, efficient artwork design services.


SAGE WebExpress

Pricing Details

SAGE WebExpress Maintenance Package

Pricing Details

Distributor Application

We are glad that you've chosen to subscribe to SAGE! Remember, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your SAGE subscription, so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied or you'll get your money back. Please see the customer agreement for complete information.

Follow these three simple steps to subscribe:

  1. Download the SAGE Distributor Application.
  2. Fill out and sign the application.
  3. Email or fax back the application with your credit card information or mail back the application with your first payment (instructions are on the application).

If you have any questions regarding SAGE or the subscription process, please feel free to contact us. We're always here to help!