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SAGE ArtworkZone is the industry's first comprehensive artwork services solution. ArtworkZone offers professional quality design and storage services at ultra-competitive rates to assist you with all of your artwork needs.

ArtworkZone gives you the confidence and reliability of the promotional products industry's leading technology resource provider. ArtworkZone was built based on the most successful methods of handling graphic arts for our industry.


  • Rates begin as low as $24
  • Next business day standard turnaround time
  • Same day service available
  • Experienced graphic design team
  • Local, US-based customer service and artists
  • Fully automated web portal with real-time order tracking and status information
  • Free, secure artwork file cabinet (additional charge for extra capacity)
  • Easy online proofing system



Before any file goes to your supplier or printer; let ArtworkZone give you a free diagnostic report to alert you to any problems that should be corrected. Our preflight analysis lets you make an informed decision about who should make the repairs, and our no-obligation quotation is always available with a simple mouse-click.


The graphic arts team at ArtworkZone offers expertise in all the printing and decorating processes unique to our industry. Our turnaround time is next-day (or faster upon request) and our rates begin as low as $24 for the most common conversions, layouts and corrections your artwork files require. We offer a FREE artwork quote with no obligation to purchase the service!


Artwork files are business assets that should be kept well-organized and secure. ArtworkZone helps you manage the history, status and use of your assets with a FREE artwork file cabinet for your first 25 files. The cabinet can be expanded without limit and your files organized according to your personal preferences. If you are like most people, you have a number of artwork files that you have been storing in your computer. Select the ones that you use most often for your most frequent customers and begin building your online library of customer artwork. When ever you need to dispatch artwork to someone, all it takes is a few easy clicks.


When it is time to deliver artwork to any supplier, just enter your P.O. number and choose the destination. ArtworkZone sends your supplier a delivery notice with a reverse link to the exact file(s) they need and you receive an immediate confirmation to alert you that the file is in production where it belongs.


If you would like to add graphic design capabilities to your current product offering or if you are looking for a new freelance designer, we are glad to respond with creativity and flair. Our professional graphic designers have years of experience inside and outside of the industry.


  • ArtworkZone Features
  • ArtworkZone Features
  • ArtworkZone Features
  • ArtworkZone Features
  • ArtworkZone Features


Artwork Orders

Can ArtworkZone create a logo or a design for me if I don't have one already?
Yes. Our artists are industry decorating experts; therefore, anything we create will be designed for problem-free imprinting on promotional products as well as typical stationery items.
We have an artist on staff as a full-time/part-time employee... how will ArtworkZone benefit us?
Many distributors already rely on an employee or local freelance artist. ArtworkZone need not replace these important local relationships. However, the storage cabinet feature of ArtworkZone gives any artist a convenient storage cabinet where artwork can be viewed and managed by sales people and other company employees who don't understand graphics software or high-speed delivery protocols.
Who does the artwork?
Professional graphic designers work for SAGE ArtworkZone. All artists are local and based right here in the United States. You can rely on the fact that your artwork is always handled by someone who understands the promotional products industry and the decorating requirements of our industry's suppliers.
What if I need to communicate with the artist?
It's easy to communicate your comments and changes to the person in our studio who is responsible for each project. When submitting any new project or reviewing any proof, your ideas and remarks become a permanent part of every transaction with a "message thread" that you can review at any time.
What type of proof will I receive?
Your ArtworkZone proofs will typically be created as PDF documents so that you can view them with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Depending on the way you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, the proof will either display inside your web browser or download to your own computer.
Will ArtworkZone be able to convert my customer's artwork to the EPS format?
There are times when artwork of other formats will be converted vector files that are typically saved in the EPS format. However, not all artwork benefits from the EPS format and conversions can sometimes be far more costly than obtaining the proper file from your customer at the outset of a project.
Is everything produced as an EPS file?

While many suppliers specify EPS files as their desired format, ArtworkZone will always produce and store files in the format suited to your supplier's decorating method, whether that is a vector file, bitmap file, metafile, PDF file or page layout document. As a general rule, the vector format is preferred for its versatility throughout the promotional products industry.
What if I need to dispatch artwork to a printer who isn't listed in the SAGE database?
Simple: you can generate a dispatch and ready notice to any email address.
Can I keep a backup copy for myself?
Yes, you can easily download the file from your storage area to your hard drive at any time.
Will I be able to know the price before any artwork is done?
Yes! ArtworkZone artists will review each order you submit and determine whether it falls into our "Common," "Complex," or "Challenging" price categories. The labor prices are $40 (c), $65 (c) and $90 (c) respectively, for these categories. If a particular job exceeds the scope of the Challenging category, it will be quoted on a custom basis. No work will begin until you approve the artist's quotation.
Does ArtworkZone have an hourly rate?
The wide variety of decorating methods and files types used in the promotional products industry requires us to match each project to the best talent and schedule available. In the promotional products industry, few artwork projects require more than an hour's time. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to discuss our “minute” rather than “hourly” rate.
How does the proof review and approval system work?>
When your artwork is ready for you to review, your artist will prepare a PDF document for you. You will be sent a proof alert message via email with a hyperlink that will take you directly to the proof.
What is the delivery time?
Most artwork projects are completed on a next-day basis.
How will I know the price if it goes beyond the scope of the regular price range?
Your ArtworkZone artist will advise you of the exact price of any artwork project, especially those which go beyond the scope of the basic published rates.
Does ArtworkZone send me an invoice for each artwork project?
Your ArtworkZone account is settled automatically by credit card. Balances are kept automatically and you can review your account at any time by logging on to your password protected account. Each artwork project is summarized with totals to that you can easily determine the cost of any project for billing your customers.
How does ArtworkZone handle fonts?
ArtworkZone maintains an extensive library of almost 20,000 fonts. Our studio professionals know how to prepare artwork files containing text so that the absence of fonts does not present a problem at the supplier.

Artwork Storage Library

Why is storage important?
Artwork files are valuable business assets that can be 'at risk' if they are loosely stored in the 'My Documents' folder of a typical computer. If your digital files are accidentally lost or damaged, the business consequences can be expensive and detrimental to good customer relations. Storing your files with ArtworkZone provides the security and protection your important artwork files deserve.
Can I organize the contents of the storage cabinet?
Yes, you can create labels and subdivisions in any scheme that helps you manage and maintain your cutomers' artwork files.
How many files I can store in my “cabinet”?
Your virtual storage cabinet holds an unlimited number of files. The first 25 files are stored free of charge. You can enlarge your storage cabinet in increments of 50 files at a time. Each increment of 50 files is charged $30/year.

General Artwork Issues

What kind of software do I need?
You don't need any graphic arts software at all! Leave that expense to us! We do recommend that you have a current copy of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing artwork proofs.
Do I need a high-speed Internet connection?
No, an ordinary dial-up modem will enable you to use SAGE ArtworkZone with the same quality and speed as any other web site you might typically visit. However, if you are uploading any files larger than 2mb, you will appreciate the faster speeds that are offered by many DSL and cable internet providers. Keep in mind that artwork can be uploaded directly to your ArtworkZone account by anybody you authorize. Thus you can give direct access to your ArtworkZone account to customers or others who have high speed connections.
How can I prevent unauthorized suppliers from getting a copy of my artwork?
When you create a delivery notice, a special hyperlink is created that is sent to the recipient to pick up the art file. This special hyperlink is tied to the specific recipient so that only the recipient can download your art file. The link in the delivery notice is only active for 15 days. After that time, the recipient will need to contact you before they can download the art file.
Is faster service available, and if so, is there a surcharge?
Yes, same day service is available depending on the particular situation. Please see our rate card for more information.
How does the artwork conform to the supplier's decorating requirements?
SAGE maintains a vast library of supplier data including product imprint and decorating specifications. This information is available to our studio artists and management personnel to make sure that the artwork we deliver to any supplier is exactly what they expect.
How does ArtworkZone compare with suppliers who don't charge for simple artwork?
There will be instances when you compare the smallest ArtworkZone charge of $24 to a supplier who charges less or nothing at all. Sometimes, it makes more sense to have your stored artwork dispatched to and adjusted by a supplier for less than the ArtworkZone fee. When you consider the value of both speed and readiness, it will occasionally make sense to pay ArtworkZone its lowest charge and thereby make certain that there is no in-house delay at the supplier.
Why are the prices shown with C-commissions?
SAGE believes that artwork has a value and therefore, you should include artwork in your projected profits. Don't give it away!
Do you charge for AA's?
Author's alterations are chargeable as extra costs, at the discretion of the artist. No two situations are alike, but as a general rule, we recommend giving us as much information as possible to begin every project without surprises.
How does ArtworkZone handle artwork that is not electronic?
Customers can send physical artwork items to the SAGE corporate office or by fax.
Who is responsible for errors?
Ultimately, the person who signs any proof approval is responsible for errors. That is why we strongly advise you to examine proofs carefully before approving them.
What if I just need my customer's artwork cleaned up or converted to EPS?
The concepts of “cleanup” and “conversion” are misleading because they give the impression that the procedures are easy and automatic. In fact, cleanup and conversion can be either quick or very time consuming, depending on the file in question. Each file is evaluated on its own.
Does ArtworkZone offer a clip-art library?
ArtworkZone has a limited clip-art collection on hand. Customers should be aware that the search for quality clip art can sometimes incur more cost than simply drawing an object from scratch.
I already have all the email addresses of my suppliers and email is free. Why is ArtworkZone any better for delivery than what I already do?
With ArtworkZone, you don't have to keep track of all of your suppliers' email addresses. Second, ArtworkZone provides you with cutting-edge tracking and reporting so that you can tell precisely when a supplier picks up an art file. This isn't available with email. Lastly, emailing large graphics files is burdensome and sometimes impossible. The ArtworkZone system allows suppliers to pull the file from a web page instead of using email.


Getting the correct version of your artwork for a project can be tricky. Oftentimes, there is so much design lingo thrown around, it is easy to get lost in translation. We have compiled some quick tips for you to ensure your artwork is in tip-top shape every time.

Vector & Raster Images – Which one to use?

Understanding the difference between a vector and raster image could mean the difference between an image that looks crisp and sharp and one that is barely legible.

To understand the difference, you must first know how each graphic is created. A vector image is a series of curves, lines and shapes all based on mathematical equations to create an image in the computer. A raster image, on the other hand, is a representation of an image using a variety of pixels.

Each of these graphics are great when used for their specific purposes. For example, vector art is ideal for any kind of printing. Since the art is based on mathematical equations as opposed to images, it can be printed in any size and the quality of the image will remain the same. You can use a vector image on a business card and then turn around and use the same image for a billboard size project and the art will be crisp and clear. If a raster image was used this way, it would blur and pixelate beyond recognition. A raster image, also referred to as a bitmap, is better displayed on a screen or computer monitor.

So when creating or sending images, keep in mind what you are going to do with the graphic. This will insure the best quality on your final product!

What does DPI and resolution mean?

When discussing digital images, the terms can sometimes be confusing. High Resolution? DPI? Image size? What does it all mean? These are all ways to describe the quality of the image that you are using. Image resolution is used to describe the detail that an image holds. The term applies to raster digital images, film images, as well as other types of images. The higher the resolution, the more detail an image holds.

There are several ways you can measure the resolution of an image. The most common way to measure resolution in digital images is DPI, or dots per inch. DPI signifies the physical dot density of an image when it is produced into a physical print, such as, an image printed on to a banner or an image displayed on a monitor. The higher the DPI, the higher quality the print out will be. For example, a 72 DPI image will not print as clear as a 300 DPI image.

In digital imaging, resolution is often used for describing the pixel count. The pixel count is conveyed by using a set of two positive integer numbers. The first number being the number of pixel columns (width) and the second number represents the number of pixel rows (height). For example, you could describe an image as being 450 by 320. Just as in DPI, the higher the pixel count, the higher quality image you will get when it is printed.

Remember these tricks on your next big project. Quality images are key to a great product!

Sizing Your Artwork

Sizing Artwork is an integral part of producing an image that really captivates the attention of your audience. As you have probably learned in the past, sometimes sizing your image can be a bit of a challenge. Not anymore. Follow these easy to remember rules to make sure your images are sized correctly – every time!

Rule #1: Vector Art is your friend.

When it comes to resizing, vector art is the easiest way to make sure your images come out perfect. Vector art is considered a raw file and can be resized to ANY size without distorting the image at all. Your image will stay at the same quality, big or small, when using a vector image. Whether you are printing on a business card or a billboard, vector art images will look in tip-top shape.

Rule #2: You can decrease, but not increase.

When it comes to resolution, any raster (i.e., non-vector) image can decrease in size and still stay at the same quality. However, when it comes to increasing the size of a raster image, you cannot increase the size of the image without distorting the picture. In order to increase the size of an image, you must be using a vector image.

Rule #3: The magic DPI numbers are 72 and 300.

Deciding where to place an image can be time consuming. So can making that image look correct if you do not know the magic number. When dealing with printed material, an image needs to be at least 300 DPI. If you are placing an image on a website, it only needs to be at least 72 DPI.

Remember these three easy rules the next time you are dealing with images. The product you are producing will look professional with a sharp image!

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

The font you use in a project helps unify your design. It could be the highlight of your project, and it usually contains important information that you wish to convey to your audience. It is very important that this be translated correctly when sent to production.

In order for your font to stay exactly as you want it, be sure to convert all of fonts used in your design to outlines, or curves. This transforms your text to an image that will maintain its shape when submitted to production. Also, be sure to send the supplier the original font to make any future changes to your document a breeze.


Below is a link to our demonstration area for SAGE ArtworkZone. You will be able to see how to submit an order, view order status and search for previous orders. You will also be able to view your account information, artwork storage library and our current rate information.



Storage Library

The first 25 files are stored free of charge. You can enlarge your storage cabinet in increments of 50 files at a time. Each increment of 50 files is charged $30/year.


Web Packages
Web Package #1: $75 (a $100 value!)
  • 3 Custom Rotating Banner Images for WebExpress
Web Package #2: $100 (a $140 value!)
  • 3 Custom Rotating Banner Images for WebExpress
  • Company Banner (at top of website, which generally includes the logo, slogan (if applicable), and phone number)
  • Favicon
Logo Packages
Logo Package #1: $100
  • 3 Custom Logo Options
Logo Package #2: $150 (a $175 value!)
  • Logo Redesign
  • Company Banner
  • Business Card Layout
Branding Packages
Branding Package #1: $200 (a $275 value!)
  • Logo Redesign
  • Company Banner
  • Business Card Layout
  • 3 Custom Rotating Banner Images for WebExpress
Branding Package #2: $250 (a $350 value!)
  • Logo Redesign
  • Company Banner
  • Business Card Layout
  • 3 Custom Rotating Banner Images for WebExpress
  • 1 Single Sided Flyer Layout (for print, but could be used for emails for distributors and suppliers, and a Sales Tool for suppliers in SAGE Online)
Branding Package #3: $300 (a $415 value!)
  • Logo Redesign
  • Company Banner
  • Business Card Layout
  • 3 Custom Rotating Banner Images for WebExpress
  • 1 Single Sided Flyer Layout
  • Favicon
  • Social Media Cover Photos (Facebook, Google Plus, etc.)

Place Order

Thank you for choosing SAGE ArtworkZone!

Please follow these steps if you are a current subscriber to SAGE:

  1. Login to SAGEmember.com.
  2. Add files to your storage cabinet.
  3. Create a new artwork order.

Not a SAGE subscriber? That's okay! Please follow these steps to get set up with SAGE ArtworkZone:

  1. Download the ArtworkZone Application.
  2. Fill out and sign the application.
  3. Email, fax or mail back the application (contact information is on the application).