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SAGE Website DataStream

Integrate The SAGE Database Into Your Website

The SAGE Website DataStream is a full-featured API designed to give promotional product distributors direct access to all of the products in the SAGE database in order to implement customized search tools on their website. Unlike our other research tools that are turn-key solutions, SAGE Website DataStream was specifically developed for complete customization and integration into your website’s architecture. If you are looking for a turn-key solution instead of developing your own application, take a look at SAGE Websites.

SAGE Website DataStream uses XML structured queries to obtain information. There are several types of queries that can be made. Each query will return data in XML format, which you can then parse and use in your application as necessary. The web interface, e-commerce functionality, and other parts of your site are your responsibility.

The information is obtained from our servers in real time as your application requires it. Storage of information to be used for future database queries is not permitted so that your users will always have the most up-to-date information possible.

SAGE XML Datastream


  • Integrates seamlessly with your own website
  • Allows you to add all of the products directly from the SAGE database
  • Synced with the SAGE database in real time so your product data is always up to date
  • Use the data how you want – the customization possibilities are endless
  • Gives you the freedom to change the way visitors search for products on your website
  • Leverage SAGE search algorithms to take advantage of additional data fields from SAGE Online, such as the ability for users to search by zip code
  • Redundant servers for optimum performance and availability


SAGE Website DataStream provides real-time API access to all product information from the SAGE database. This development tool is perfect for distributors who are building their own websites with custom e-commerce functionality and want to plug the SAGE product database into the custom architecture.

SAGE Website DataStream options include:

  • SAGE Website DataStream – Used to integrate full product searching into your own site
  • Local Caching Option – For customers who require locally cached product data for searches instead of retrieving it in real time

For more information on integrating SAGE Website DataStream into your website, please click here, log in using your SAGE login and password, then choose Developer APIs in the left side navigation.


Now that you've heard all about SAGE Website DataStream, you probably want to see it in action! Below are links to websites that are using SAGE Website DataStream.

Below are links to LIVE example sites:

For more website examples, click here

SAGE Site Using XML DataStream


SAGE Website DataStream - Monthly Subscription


SAGE Website DataStream - Yearly Subscription


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SAGE XML DataStream