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    Logo Options

    Adjust the logo's opacity, size, color, easily remove a background in one click, and more.

    Choose Project
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    PMS Colors

    Ensure color consistency with PMS color support.

    Select Cover
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    Font Options

    Add text with over 1000+ font choices.

    Add Products
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    Multiple Product Images

    With multiple product images, your clients can view alternate product colors, styles, and angles, and show end buyers a virtual sample using the exact product color and logo placement they want, increasing the appeal of your items.

    Save Options
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    File Support

    The Virtual Design Studio includes complete cross-browser support for all modern browsers with no plug-ins or downloads required to use it. It also has comprehensive file support, including EPS, AI, PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF.

    Save Options
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    Save Options

    Email, print, or save the virtual sample.

VDS Video

Supplier Virtual Design Studio Walkthrough

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Included with SAGE Website Standard and SAGE Website Professional

Add to your existing website for $79 per month or $795 per year

Looking to implement the Virtual Design Studio on a custom website? View our developer's guide by logging in with your SAGE login ID and then click Developer APIs > VDS Dev Guide.

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