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The SAGE Monthly Trends email is sent to over 85,000 industry distributors and their teams every month!

This email is bursting with marketing tips, industry trends and statistics, and inspirational content to engage readers and get their mental wheels turning. The email also includes shareable content for distributors to help promote themselves and educate their clients.

Advertising in this email places your products at the forefront of distributors' minds when inspiration strikes!

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Flexible Opportunities

Advertise alongside the trendiest products and news! You have four ad options depending on your design and budget needs.


Prominent Ad Spots

With a limited number of ads per email, your ads will be more prominent and highly visible to 85,000 distributors.


Increased Website Traffic

Your ads can link to a website, video, or flyer of your choice, meaning more traffic to your site.


Lasting Impressions

The Monthly Trends emails are available in SAGE Online, SAGE Web and SAGE Mobile for three months, so distributors have many opportunities to see your ad.

Monthly Trends Spotlight Video

Spotlight Video or Product of the Month

$3,000 per month

The spotlight video of the month occupies the very top of the email to ensure a great impact on every reader. This video product feature is designed to inspire readers with awesome product ideas. In this video spot, suppliers can feature a unique product, highlight selling points, or give distributors tips on what markets to target with this particular product.

Video Example

Top Banner Ad

$2,000 per month

The top banner ad is an exclusive position, prominently displayed for readers to see when they open the email. There is only one top banner ad available per month.

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SAGE Monthly Trends Tile Ad

Tile Ad

$1,000 per month

Tile ads grab readers' attention as they read through the articles. There are three tile ad spots available per month.

Top 10 Products

$1000 per month

(limited to one product per company, per month)

Include your products in the themed Top 10 Featured Products included in each Monthly Trends Newsletter. The top 10 product themes are timely relevant to what distributors search for most during that month. This advertising opportunity is limited to one product per supplier per month.

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Spotlight Video

Spotlight Video / Product of the Month

  • Feature a unique or innovative product that is beneficial to distributors as a sales and learning tool, or a new product that has just hit the market.
  • Professional-quality, high-resolution
  • Size: At least 1280 pixels x 720 pixels
  • Note: Must be approved by SAGE staff
Top Banner Ad

Top Banner Ad

  • Size: 600 pixels x 90 pixels
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Text: Font size must be at least 8pt

Tile Ad

  • Size: 160 pixels x 165 pixels
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Text: Font size must be at least 8pt
SAGE Monthly Trends Tile Ad


Spotlight Video / Product of the Month


Top Banner Ad


Tile Ad


Top 10 Featured Product


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