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We provide answers the way you want to receive them. Access this page anytime for help with your SAGE products and services, including answers to frequently asked questions. You will also find information on SAGE events and one-on-one sessions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Visit our support page.

Did you know there are four ways you can update your product information in SAGE research tools? Click here to choose the method that’s best for you.

One-On-One Session

one-on-one session

One of our dedicated support specialists would be happy to schedule a time for you and your employees to learn more about our products and services at a time that works for you.

We provide one-on-one sessions for our SAGE Supplier Center, including how to do a distributor search, set up users, upload advertising and catalogs, and how to make changes to and verify your products. Contact your account executive for more information.

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How many distributors use SAGE?

There are approximately 45,000 distributor users.

How can I get listed in the SAGE database?

You will need to complete the New Supplier Application. Click here for more information.

What is a SAGE Advantage Membership and how does it benefit me?

The SAGE Advantage Membership allows your company to take advantage of all the opportunities SAGE has to offer. SAGE will help increase your sales with our powerful marketing and advertising opportunities directed at the distributor and end buyer. The SAGE Advantage Membership also gives you control of your product information by allowing you access through the SAGE Supplier Center, where you can update and verify your product information.

What are the ways that distributors search for products?

The top three ways distributors search for products are product category, product keyword, and Verified by Supplier products, which is only available to Advantage Members.

Are there SAGE Website examples available to view?

Yes. You can see both example and live sites here.

How do I submit or make changes to my catalog?

If you are not an Advantage Member, you must send us your catalog to include your products in SAGE for free. If you are an Advantage Member you have complete control of your product information 24/7 through the SAGE Supplier Center. You can send us your product catalog for standard turnaround, update your products one by one, or use our expedited spreadsheet-based updating method, SAGE FastTrack. Click here for more information on the four ways to update your catalog.

I can't log in because I don't know my username and password. Who can help?

Contact Customer Service to request this information.

When does my Advantage Membership expire?

Contact your account executive to learn more about your membership information.

Who should I email about updating my catalog?

Email all of your catalog updates to supplierupdates@SAGEworld.com.

How do I install the SAGE Supplier Center?

Installing the SAGE Supplier Center is simple. The SAGE Supplier Center gives Advantage Members the ability to access a variety of tools, including reviewing, updating and verifying supplier profiles and catalogs in real time. For further instructions, click here.

What is the SAGE Supplier Center and how do I use it?

We’re glad you asked! The SAGE Supplier Center is like your control center; you can find all you need to know about it here.

How do I view my products listed in SAGE Online?

Advantage Members can view their products via the SAGE Supplier Center. Suppliers who are listed complimentary must go to www.checkmyproducts.com. Click on Search and enter your SAGE # in the "Our Item #" field.

How do I verify my products in the SAGE Supplier Center?

You must be an Advantage Member to be able to verify your products. If you want to become an Advantage Member, click here. If you are currently an Advantage Member, click here for further instructions on how to verify your products.

What is order tracking?

Suppliers are able to upload order tracking information for distributor access within SAGE Online. Thousands of distributors using SAGE Online can easily check the current status of their supplier orders and even schedule alerts when the status changes. Suppliers may also upload order tracking information in real time using SAGE's innovative XML application programming interface. If you are an Advantage Member and would like to include your order tracking information in SAGE Online for FREE, please contact your account executive.

What is the cost to have my products on distributors' websites?

Your products are featured on distributors' websites free of charge through SAGE PromoSearch. If you would like additional exposure on distributors' websites, click here for more information.

What does "Verified" mean?

Verified means a supplier went into the SAGE Supplier Center and verified the accuracy of their products, information and pricing. Once a supplier verifies the accuracy of their information, distributors will see a "Verified by Supplier" icon next to their products to confirm that the information is current. This option is only available to SAGE Advantage Members.

How do I upload my banner artwork?

Log in to www.SAGEmember.com, click the Support tab then choose the Tutorial button. Here you will find our online tutorial called “Setting Up Online Ads,” which will walk you through how to set up and upload your electronic banner ads in the SAGE Supplier Center.

I'm interested in exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow; what opportunities are available?

SAGE Event Services (SES) produces and manages many tradeshows for the promotional products industry, including the popular SAGE Show and SAGE Showcase.

Do you offer paid placement opportunities?

We do not offer paid placement, but if you upgrade to our SAGE Advantage Membership, you can take advantage of our search results "featured product" position.

How does the SAGE Supplier Rating System work?

The SAGE Supplier Rating System is powered by supplier business reviews in SAGE Total Access, which over 45,000 distributors use daily to research products and place orders. Distributors can submit their rating by going on the individual supplier account page in SAGE Total Access, or via the “Rate Us Now” link that suppliers can provide to their customers to encourage more reviews. Each review is measured by a letter grade with choices A+, A, B, C, D, and F, and is used to rate the distributor’s overall experience with a supplier business.

To learn more about the SAGE Supplier Rating System, read this white paper.