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Keyword Ads

Distributors Are Searching For Your Products, Make Them Easier To Find

Take control of your advertising and budget with Keyword Advertising in SAGE Online and SAGE Web. Place your message directly in front of distributors who are interested in your product categories. When a distributor searches for a product in SAGE Online and SAGE Web using one of your keywords, your ad will appear next to the search results. There is simply no better point to be targeting potential customers than when they are looking for products similar to the ones that you sell!

Concerned about costs? You can set your budget with no minimum spending required!

Keyword Ad


  • Targeted advertising by product keyword to get your product seen by distributors who are actually looking for it
  • No minimum spending requirement to fit even the smallest budget
  • Cost is per impression, so you only pay when someone sees your ad
  • Ability to enter up to 25 keywords per ad to make sure your ad is shown to everyone looking for a similar product
  • Links to your products, up to three sales tools (documents, audio, video, URLs, etc.) and allows distributors to contact you using SAGEim or email
  • Change your ad as often as you would like in the SAGE Supplier Center
  • Take complete control of your budget and keywords through SAGE Supplier Center
  • View real-time statistics on the number of impressions and clicks your ads are getting
  • Choose from three ad styles at different price levels for flexibility


Help Distributors Find Your Products


Full Graphic

  • Full Graphic
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Size: 125 pixels x 50 pixels
  • Text font size must be at least 8pt to be legible for online ads.

Light Up Mugs

Text & Logo

  • Text, Plus Logo
  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Size: 125 pixels x 20 pixels
  • Text: Approx. 40 characters maximum
  • Text font size must be at least 8pt to be legible for online ads

Classic Medallics

Text Only

  • Text Only
  • Body Text: Approx. 60 characters maximum

For additional specifications and how to submit your artwork, click here.
For things to remember when creating your advertisements, click here.


Full Graphic

5 cents
per impression

Text & Logo

3 cents
per impression

Text Only

2 cents
per impression

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In order to advertise with SAGE, you must be a SAGE Advantage Member, click here to sign up today. If you are an Advantage Member and interested in Keyword Ads, you can set up your ads by logging into the SAGE Supplier Center.

To see all of the marketing opportunities available to you, download the SAGE Media Kit.

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