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Brand Power Ads

Don’t Let Your Competitors Steal Your Business

SAGE Brand Power Ads are displayed on various screens in SAGE Online and SAGE Web. One screen is the search screen, which is where distributors enter the criteria for the product they are looking for. Also, if a distributor searches specifically for your products, your brand power ad will appear, not your competitors’. Brand power ads are a cost-effective and easy way to market your products to distributors.

SAGE Brand Power Ad


  • Viewed an average of 2,400 times per month
  • Promotes brand recognition, new products and/or specials
  • Change the ad as often as you would like through the SAGE Supplier Center
  • Your ad will link to your products, up to three sales tools (which can be documents, audio, video, URLs, etc.), and will allow customers to contact you using SAGEim or email
  • Revolving ad placement throughout SAGE Online and SAGE Web
  • Track your success in real time with statistical reports on the number of times your ad is viewed and clicked
  • When distributors are viewing your products, your ad will appear, not your competitor’s ad


How to increase the power of your brand


  • Format: JPEG or PNG
  • Minimum resolution: 72 dpi
  • Size: 585 pixels x 65 pixels
  • Text: Font size must be at least 8pt to be legible for online ads. It is highly suggested that your SAGE # be included on your ad. "SAGE" is fully capitalized.

For additional specifications and how to submit your artwork, click here.
For things to remember when creating your advertisements, click here.


Brand Power Ads

  $50 or $500

monthly                 yearly

Brand Power Ads





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