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Are you interested in having your story told to all SAGE and PPAI members? Let us help share it on the SAGE Blog!

Distributors across North America visit the SAGE Blog constantly to stay up-to-date on the latest content. We publish in-house articles each week covering industry trends, business advice, productivity tricks, SAGE product inspiration, and more. Our average reader spends five to ten minutes reading a post, which means extended exposure for your advertising!

Suppliers can expect a high-quality editorial written by our creative team. Our writers have decades of accumulated experience. They’ve interviewed industry leaders, astronauts, rock stars, and everything in between, and now they are ready to chat with you!

We promise to use the same high standards we set for ourselves to write about your business and the things that make you unique. We’ll talk with you to formulate the perfect post and work with you on what our audience would find the most interesting.

Blog Supplier Spotlight


What we're looking for:

  • Stories about social responsibility. Does your business interact in a special way with the community? Are any of your products made in a way that’s great for Planet Earth?
  • Stories about innovative products! Do you have something that is so outside the box that it’s going to change the industry?
  • Do your employees get together and do anything really interesting? Award winning parasailers? Paintballers for charity?

What you'll get:

  • A one-on-one chat with your writer - You’ll spend time talking about the best way to highlight your business.
  • Graphic design elements – Our in-house graphics team will utilize your images and our full-scale design department to incorporate compelling images into your blog.
  • Final review before we publish.
  • We’ll plug the article in multiple email campaigns.


Here’s an example of the editorial work we do here at SAGE.

Product Spotlight
Let us feature a few of your most popular promotional product items on our SAGE Blog.

View example

Product Backstory
Educate distributors on the backstory of your product and services by offering a fun article like this one.

View example


SAGE Blog Supplier Spotlight (max one blog per year)


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