SAGE Supplier Rating Dispute Reporting Information

SAGE will investigate any allegation that a rating appears to be made by mistake, violates our SAGE User-Generated Content Guidelines or is otherwise suspicious. It is important to note that we require as part of our user agreement that customers only rate honestly.

The ratings represent an opinion-based summary of the distributors’ impressions regarding their experience with the company. Ratings are subjective, and distributors are entitled to share their opinions with other distributors.

If a rating dispute is accepted and an investigation is opened, we will contact the distributor to get more information. In some cases, the ratings are determined to be legitimate and therefore remain in the system. If such a determination cannot be made, we will remove the rating. In this way, we ensure the integrity of the rating system while still protecting the privacy rights of distributors that may choose to not disclose their contact information to the supplier.

  • What SAGE will consider in a rating dispute
    • Did the distributor intend to rate that supplier?
    • Did the distributor intend to rate the supplier that letter grade?
    • Has the distributor had interactions with the supplier?
    • Does the distributor feel that their rating is honest based on their good-faith opinion?
  • What SAGE will not do in a rating dispute
    • Provide distributor contact information if the distributor has chosen not to provide that information to the supplier
    • Decide who is right or wrong
    • Arbitrate disputes of any kind among suppliers and distributors
    • Remove ratings unless our investigation determines that there has been a mistake or violation of our rules

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