Trening in 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended this year! We will see you in 2021!

You can discover the newest trending products and get inspired to take your business to the next level while staying safe at home! SAGE Show Virtual is a brand-new virtual tradeshow experience for the promotional products industry so you can see products from top supplier lines right from home. You can also attend our expert-led, online education sessions to learn what’s trending in the industry and new ways to grow your business.


What to Expect When You Log In



Discover the newest trending products from hundreds of the top supplier lines all brought right to your computer!



Create relationships with suppliers, fellow distributors, and local associations through our seamless chat and lounge features.



Ignite your business with new ideas, marketing strategies, and industry-leading innovation through online education sessions.

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Show Details

  • SAGE Show Virtual is free to attend for all nationwide distributors and their salespeople.
  • Learn about trending topics during live education sessions from SAGE, PPAI, and top suppliers. These sessions are provided on-demand so you can attend as many sessions as you want - in any order!
  • Get an exclusive first look at new trends and the hottest products in the industry by visiting curated product pavilions.
  • Chat live with suppliers about their newest products and even participate in live video conferences to get your questions answered right away.
  • Get access to exclusive deals and show specials from top supplier lines!
  • Visit networking lounges to chat live with distributors, regional associations, and discuss a number of different topics with industry leaders.

On-Demand Education Sessions

Presented by Ben Stallard, CAS  |  CAS 0.5

Ready to tackle your projects and knock out every task in a flash? With the brand-new SAGE project management area, you can easily view and manage all projects, as well as track the status. We'll also walk you through how projects work with the order management module to streamline your workday. You'll be ready to supercharge your efficiency and make running your business easier than ever!

Presented by Kim Ballard  |  CAS 0.5

With a company store, you can offer a seamless, modern online ordering experience to your clients for their branded merchandise! You'll lock in business with a client while they enjoy their own convenient and completely customizable online store stocked with their company uniforms, employee incentive gifts, to popular swag they order often. We'll show you how to incorporate SAGE Company Stores into your offerings, how to qualify a client, and what exactly makes for a successful company store.

Presented by Grayson West  |  CAS 0.5

Having a strong web presence is an essential part of running a business in 2020! At SAGE, we build your website for you. We combine your vision along with our expertise in best practices to ensure your business stands out online. In this session we'll discuss how to successfully establish a web presence with SAGE Website Standard, SAGE Website Professional, and SAGE Website Professional Plus. We'll also show you how SAGE Website Professional Plus helps boost your SEO with our exclusive content package including blogs, videos, case studies, and more for you to add to your site to help you stand out from the crowd and attract new clients!

Presented by Cody Smith  |  CAS 0.5

Segmentation and personalization are trending topics in the marketing world, but how can you incorporate them into your business? Have no fear because SAGE offers useful marketing solutions, like the SAGE Print Studio custom catalogs and ready-to-send email campaigns, that will help you promote your business! We'll show you some fresh, new ideas for how to use these marketing solutions, as well as tips on allocating a portion of your marketing budget to these cost-effective solutions.

Presented by Emily West  |  CAS 0.5

Class is in session for distributors who are new to SAGE or want a refresher course. Get introduced to the industry's most popular research and business management solution. We'll unpack the most powerful features of SAGE Online, including our database of over one million products, the presentation publisher, order management, and the CRM module.

Presented by German Nieves  |  CAS 0.5

Gone are the days of fishing out business cards from the bottom of your wallet. In this session, you'll learn how our CRM module helps you manage your business relationships and store all your client data in one place. Whether you need to send a quote to a client or you want to plan a follow-up with a lead, our CRM module makes it easier for you to manage your workday and your client requests.

Presented by Susan DeRagon and Maurice Norris  |  MAS 1.0 and PSA Approved

Personal Protective Equipment are not exempt from Prop 65. This session with Sue DeRagon and Maurice Norris will discuss general test requirements for non-medical and medical face masks, gowns, gloves, and other equipment.Participants will also learn what may be applicable when it comes to children's product requirements. This session qualifies as an elective course for the PPAI Product Safety Awareness initiative.

Presented by Shakira Brown  |  MAS 1.0

A crisis of any kind can threaten your organization's brand image at a moment's notice, requiring you to act faster than ever before to effectively communicate. It's more important than ever not only to have a plan in place to respond to these crises, but also to train your team in appropriate techniques, authentic responses, and strategic engagement to steer the conversation. It is critical to send messages via proper channels to reach internal and external stakeholders. Award-winning branding and business communication strategist, Shakira Brown will share essential communication best practices to help instill trust and mitigate reputation damage on the onset of a crisis. Whether you're looking to bolster your reputation or better respond to situations at any time without notice, you'll learn the value of transparency and quick response. Plus, find out which crisis response tools to use and when to use them.

Presented by Julia Maddox  |  CAS 1.0

In this session, Julia Maddox will describe the design thinking process and the positive impact on innovation. Designed for small businesses with content that has creative and human-centered solutions at its core, participants will learn how to apply design thinking to their businesses. In order to get the most out of this session please pause the video to complete each exercise before continuing to play the session.

Presented by Candi Barry, Account Manager

This fast-paced 20-minute webinar will give you an overview of how full-color printing fits perfectly with promo products. With bold authenticity, Candi plants ideas, thoughts, and emotions into your mind as she shows you the huge revenue opportunity promotional printing offers and how important it is to help customers effectively communicate in these unprecedented times.

Stop by our booth, have a quick chat with Candi and our print team. Plus, you’ll get information on all the sales and marketing tools we offer to help grow your business- plus a special offer for SAGE Virtual Show attendees!

Presented by Cindy Mielke, Director of Channel Marketing: Incentives

Did you know that gift cards are at the top of everyone’s wish list for year-end and holiday gifts? Are you prepared to offer gift cards that increase your revenue and profits?

Especially in this time of pandemic, the growing incentive market creates opportunities for you to make money with gift cards. Join us to discover how you can make gift card fulfillment profitably fit into your business and tips on how to differentiate your incentive and recognition programs.

Presented by Russ Neale, SVP Marketing and Michael Ferri, SVP Sales

As schools and organizations struggle with getting back to normal, one thing is certain – everyone needs a mask. Founder Sport Group recently launched a brand-new program called Founder Sport Health, a fit-for-purpose website and digital tool for dealers that allows schools to customize and build personalized masks. This tool is for dealers, making quoting and fulfillment as seamless as possible with clients.

Presented by Mike Szymczak, VP Business Development at HPG

Mike Szymczak, Co-Founder of Origaudio, and now VP of Business Development at HPG will re-introduce you to the food segment of the promo industry. The opportunity is vast with the right products and pitch.

Mike will walk you through the latest trends culminating with the presentation of a brand new HPG product line, Batch & Bodega – the exciting new food gift venture he co-created with Jason Lucash (formerly his cofounder at Origaudio). Watch this session to take more advantage of the holiday gift season now underway.


Ben Stallard, CAS

SAGE Account Executive

Ben Stallard joined the SAGE Distributor Sales Team in 2017. Ben is a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington, where he studied Economics. He enjoys the team atmosphere at SAGE and brings a contagious enthusiasm to every interaction with his distributor clients. When Ben is away from the office, you can find him cruising the backroads on his motorcycle.

Kim Ballard

Kim Ballard

SAGE Sr. Account Executive

Kim Ballard joined SAGE in 2003 as a Distributor Account Executive. Kim attended Southwest Texas State University and Texas State University-San Marcos. She enjoys training distributors on how to use SAGE and providing them with new solutions to improve their businesses. When Kim is not working, you can find her spending time with her family.

Grayson West

Grayson West

SAGE Sr. Account Executive

Grayson West is currently a Sr. Account Executive and joined SAGE as a Distributor Account Executive in 2011. Grayson holds a degree in Criminal Justice. His favorite thing about working at SAGE is helping distributors succeed and becoming an extended part of their teams. When Grayson is not working, you can usually find him on a golf course.

Cody Smith

Cody Smith

SAGE Account Executive

Cody Smith joined SAGE in 2019 as a Distributor Account Executive. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations. His favorite aspect about SAGE is the team support and family-type mentality among coworkers. When he’s not at work, Cody enjoys going to concerts, traveling, and playing with his French Bulldog, Murphy.

Emily West

Emily West

SAGE Account Executive

Emily West joined the SAGE Distributor Sales Team in 2016. Emily is a graduate of Texas Tech University, where she studied Interior Design and Architecture. She enjoys the relationships she’s developed with her distributor clients as well as the close bonds she has with her colleagues. When she is not working, you can find her playing with her two puppies, Harlee and Harper.

German Nieves

German Nieves

SAGE Account Executive

German Nieves joined the SAGE team as a Customer Account Specialist in 2016. He was quickly promoted to Customer Account Coordinator and became a member of the Distributor Sales team in 2018. German received the SAGE Outstanding Teamwork Award in 2017. His favorite thing about working at SAGE is helping and meeting longtime customers.

Julia Maddoxs

Julia Maddox

Team Building Consultant

Julia Maddox is a consultant, campaign strategist, and educator who helps teams build their capacity for creative problem solving. Julia has over a decade of experience leading high-performing teams and is a popular presenter on the topic of creativity and innovation. Julia Maddox is recognized as an expert on sustainable community development and change management.

Maurice Norris

Maurice Norris

PPAI Public Affairs Manager

Maurice Norris is the public affairs manager for PPAI. He monitors legislative and regulatory developments affecting the promotional products industry. Maurice also assists members with compliance challenges facing their businesses and helps them advocate for their companies with various aspects and levels of government. Maurice also serves on the board of the Graphic Communications Workforce Coalition.

Shakira Brown

Shakira Brown

CEO at SMB Strategic Media LLC

Shakira Brown is an award-winning professional branding and business communication speaker. She is the CEO of SMB Strategic Media LLC, a firm that helps businesses clarify their message via strategic brand messaging. Brown is also the lead marketing consultant for America’s Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey. She has won more than 13 industry awards in various disciplines for her work.

Sue DeRagon

Susan DeRagon

Qima Senior Technical Consultant

Susan DeRagon is the Senior Technical Consultant for Qima. Ms. DeRagon has over 25 years of experience in the toy and premiums industry and has worked with PPAI as a technical consultant since 2008. Ms. DeRagon is an active member of the Toy Industry Association and the American Society for Testing and Materials and is also on the Board of Directors for ICPHSO, the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization.

Candi Barry

Candi Barry

Account Manager

With over 10+ years in the industry as an award-winning trainer, presenter and sales manager, Candi has a passion for print!

Cindy Mielke

Cindy Mielke

Director of Channel Marketing: Incentives

Cindy Mielke is Tango Card's Director of Channel Marketing - Incentives and a Certified Professional of Incentive Management. Her passion is working with clients and partners, driving results through their incentive and recognition program rewards. A strong advocate for the incentive industry, Cindy was awarded the Karen Renk Fellowship and inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) in 2019.

Russ Neale

Russ Neale

SVP Marketing

Russ Neale has over 20 years’ experience building brands such as Campbell Soup, Pedigree Dog Food, Valspar Paint, and Cabot Wood Stain. Since joining Badger Sport in 2017, he has led all aspects of marketing, including the creation of Founder Sport Group and evolution of the Badger Sport, Alleson Athletic, Flash and Chromagear brands. He holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Michael Ferri

Michael Ferri

SVP Sales

Michael Ferri has been with Badger Sportswear/Founder Sport Group since 2001 and was instrumental in transitioning the company from private label to a branded marketing and sales strategy. He is responsible for a strategic growth plan and committed to creating opportunities for accelerated growth and improved efficiency in each of its divisions and brands. Prior to joining Badger Sport Michael has held management positions at Champion and Starter Corporation.

Mike Szymczak

Mike Szymczak

VP Business Development at HPG

Founded in 2009 by Jason Lucash and Mike Szymczak, Origaudio has always had one primary mission in mind: make awesome happen. Origaudio prides itself on making creative and unique products that people will enjoy and carry wherever the journey takes them. Since combining forces with HPG in 2018, Szymczak is now part of the Business Development Team and focuses on continued growth for all subsidiaries and forging new brand partnerships.


Frequently Asked Questions

SAGE Show Virtual is an educational event and tradeshow for promotional products professionals. You’ll be able to discover the latest and greatest products, attend quality industry education sessions, receive sales advice, get help with your SAGE products and services, and more!

September 22 & 23, 2020

SAGE Show Virtual will be held online this year to help everyone practice safe social distancing.

All qualified U.S. promotional products distributors and their salespeople are welcome to attend.

Admission to the virtual tradeshow experience is free for all promotional products distributors and their salespeople.

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Abbasoft Technologies

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Best Deal Awards

Best Promotions USA LLC

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Blue Generation by M Rubin & Sons Incorporated

Brave USA

Bravo Awards Limited

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California Tattoos

Calverley Inc

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Cavatina Elite Inc.

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Charles River Apparel


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Claire Chase Inc

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Compass Industries

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Creative Brands

Creative Leader Imaging

Creative Mats Inc.

Crystal D





Denik LLC



Dixie Seal & Stamp Co Inc

Dotted Line Mfg



Eco Lips


Edwards Garment Company


Emblemtek Solutions Group Inc


Encompass Group, LLC

ERB Industries Inc

Erell Manufacturing Company

Evans Manufacturing


Exquisite Images LLC


Fairytale Brownies Inc

Fey Promo

FiftyFifty Bottles

Founder Sport Group

Fresh Beginnings, LLC



Gemini Industries Incorporated


Giftland Works LLC


Graphco Line


Halls & Company



Hatch Coolers

Hightech Grafix

High Caliber Line

Hirsch Gift

Howard Miller Co



Hudson Valley Umbrella Co Inc


Identification Plates Inc

Idex International

Idol Memory

Illinois Glove Company


Indiana Metal Craft


Innovative Adhesives LLC

In Your Face Apparel

Innovation Line


J Charles

Jornik Manufacturing Corporation


Knotty Promo

Koolgator LLC



Latham & Sons

Leashables By Oralabs Inc

Liberty Playing Card LP

Links Unlimited

Liquimark Corp

Logo Mats, LLC

LuxePak LLC


Made To Promo

Magnet America

Marine Layer Inc

Mercury Luggage Manufacturing Company


Midnite Snax

Mobile Edge

Moderne Glass Company Inc.

Morris Magnets


National Mats

Nexbelt LLC

Notes, Inc.



Otter Products

OTTO International, Inc

Outdoor Cap Company


Paramount Apparel International Inc

Penn Emblem

Perry Ellis International

Picnic Time Family of Brands Inc

Pinnacle Designs

Pioneer Balloon Company

Play Cards on Demand

Plexi Fab inc.


Powerplay Incentives


Premier Canopies

Prizes for Excellence

Pro Towels

PromoMatting from Americo

PVH Corporate Outfitters


Quake City



Raining Rose, Inc.

Rally Towels

Record Remix



Rush Service


Sacs and Boxes 2


Sanford Business To Business


Sarge Knives LLC

Scratch Off Systems




Sock Club


Sofia's Cookies Incorporated

Solo Stove

SoYoung Inc

Spectrum Uniforms

Stain Imaging

Steiner Innovations, LLC

Stickers Stickers Inc

StickerYou Inc

Stone Enterprises

STRAX Americas Inc

Strideline LLC

Sunburn Alert

Sweda Company LLC

Symphony Handmade Seed Papers


Tango Card



Terry Town


The Bentcil Group

The Chest, LLC

The Gavel Company

The Urban + The Mystic

Timbuk2 Designs

Totally Bamboo

Tranter Graphics Incorporated

Trident Promo Inc

Tropico Imports Ltd

True Brands Inc.

Tumi Outerwear


United States Postal Service


Versa-Tags Inc

Vinyform Ltee



Vu Line Direct


Warwick Publishing Co

Webb Company

Wehr Industries Inc

Wood Expressions Inc


Wristbands America

WS Display


Zeit Company Inc

Networking Groups

American Solutions for Business
PPAI Professional Development