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SAGE PromoSearch® is a complete product search solution that gives your web visitors the ability to browse through products from all of the lines you represent on your website. Product information is pulled directly from the SAGE database in real time so it’s always up to date.

In addition to helping customers generate ideas, PromoSearch has full e-commerce capabilities so they can easily request more information, a quote, and even place an order through your site. SAGE PromoSearch's customizable layout, integration with SAGE Payment Processing, price customization, and other advanced features will turn your site into an effortless sales generator.

SAGE PromoSearch


  • All of the lines you represent are within one search engine on your website, rather than having multiple links leading to each line
  • Integrates with your own custom site or WebExpress Pro without needing additional programming
  • Product information is pulled directly from the SAGE database in real time so it’s always up to date
  • Easy to use and maintain without any knowledge of web development
  • Simple layout makes it easy for customers to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for
  • E-commerce capability and SAGE Payment Processing integration so customers can make purchases directly from your website
  • Allows customers to search through products on your website to come up with great promotional product ideas that fit their marketing goals


Product Searching
Customers can click a button to instantly search your product lines by a variety of criteria. They'll see complete product information, including high-resolution product photos, and can add products to their virtual cart to order them directly from your website.

Customization Features
SAGE PromoSearch includes a plethora of advanced configuration options that allow you to give your online store the exact look and feel you want. You can change the font, turn on and off search options, include your own headers or HTML footers, customize the pricing shown to your customers, and much more!

Quick Search Feature & Side Navigation
The quick search feature will be seen on the homepage of your website if you have WebExpress Pro (for custom sites, you can design your own quick search feature that integrates with PromoSearch). Customers can either enter a keyword into the quick search box or click on any one of the search options located in your side navigation. You have the option to completely customize the navigation searches in any way you want. For example, you can choose specific product categories you want to display, what order you want them in, add a specials category, etc.


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Now that you’ve heard all about SAGE PromoSearch, you probably want to see it in action. Below is a link to an example website with PromoSearch.

View example here
PromoSearch Product Search


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SAGE PromoSearch - Yearly Subscription


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Congratulations on taking the first step to opening your online store! We are excited that you’ve decided to subscribe to SAGE PromoSearch and can’t wait to watch your business grow. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that you will be satisfied or you'll get your money back.

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