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Improve Your Tradeshow Follow-Up

Nearly 80 percent of leads generated on the tradeshow floor go unfulfilled. By using SAGE ShowLink, the lead retrieval service designed specifically for the promotional products industry, you’ll improve the ease and accuracy of your follow-up processes, thus increasing your return on investment at events.

SAGE ShowLink is an app available for iOS and Android devices. Using either your device’s internal camera or an external scanner purchased from SAGE, ShowLink captures all of the information encoded in the badge barcodes. The custom software application gives you the ability to customize lead information by recording details about your conversation, such as what products the lead is interested in, when to follow up with them, and more. You can then transmit the information back to your office for immediate processing.

Best of all, SAGE ShowLink pays for itself after just one show in most cases!

SAGE ShowLink


  • Can be used at all industry shows with barcoded badges
  • Scan from multiple devices in your booth at once for optimum efficiency
  • Simple, fast setup with no training needed
  • Each record can be reviewed, modified or deleted in real time or even after the attendee has left your booth
  • Easily type in notes for each lead so you remember what to follow up with them about
  • Built-in email interface improves follow-up communication with each booth visitor
  • Highly customizable with custom qualifiers so you’re in control of your data
  • Leaves less room for human error so lead information is more accurate
  • The devices are wireless and can be used offline, so you don’t need electricity or internet at your booth to use ShowLink
  • Lead information is available right after the show on SAGEmember.com, so leads can be followed up with immediately
  • Makes it easy to follow up at end-user shows by linking each client to their distributor

How It Works

SAGE ShowLink can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. You can then scan attendees' badges to capture leads and new prospects.


“We absolutely love SAGE ShowLink and it’s very easy to use. We particularly like the customizable features so that with just one tap we could send our customers catalogs, a sample of a specific item, or add to our blast recipient list. It is also easy to edit or add notes. Final export of leads is great and easy to use. Plus, the information is clear. I also loved that I could look at my leads instantly – literally export the report every five minutes if I wanted to. This enabled us to process show samples from the actual show! The whole sales team at the show used it and learned the ins and outs quickly and easily.”

Dena Rothstein
Marketing Director

“We were beyond thrilled with ShowLink. We have been waiting for this technology and found ShowLink incredibly easy to set up prior to and use at tradeshows. Our staff back at the office received our leads and follow-up details in real time and were able to respond efficiently. It was easy to drop special notes in for those A+ leads to provide critical time-sensitive responses.”

Jerry Mrozek
National Sales Manager
Visual Textile Resource

“I want to thank you for a very functional, helpful and economical lead retrieval system for tradeshows. Our ability to capture data efficiently on the show floor, add meaningful notes, preload specific inquiries, and respond timely to customers and prospects is much improved. We are able to send out all catalog and sample requests within two days of major tradeshows such as The PPAI Expo. The ease with which we can generate lists and labels, research specific follow-up notes, and review overall inquiries allows us to manage our post-show efforts effectiviely and professionally.”

Harvey Mackler, MAS


SAGE ShowLink’s comprehensive lead retrieval platform improves the ease, accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of your follow-up processes. Thus, increasing your return on investment at events.

Capture Leads

Using either your device’s camera or an external scanner, scan a lead’s barcoded name badge and capture their information instantly.

Capture Leads with ShowLink at events and tradeshows

Take Notes

Rate each lead and record information, such as what products the lead is interested in, so you’ll remember what to follow up with them about.

Take notes with ShowLink at events and tradeshows

Access Online

All of the information you record in SAGE ShowLink will also automatically be available on SAGEmember.com immediately following the show.

Access your ShowLink leads online


For answers to frequently asked questions about SAGE ShowLink, please click here.


SAGE ShowLink Software - Yearly Subscription
Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

2 device licenses
Per each additional license

SAGE ShowLink Wireless Bluetooth Scanner (Optional)

one-time fee

Note: SAGE ShowLink works at any tradeshow where management does not defeat its use through encryption or other means. SAGE cannot guarantee the cooperation of all tradeshows; however, we stand alongside our fellow exhibitors to make the collective voice of multi-line reps heard in support of this lead retrieval system. SAGE will offer a compatible badge printing and registration solution to any regional association or show manager interested in working together to satisfy the needs of our industry's multi-line reps.

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