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SAGE Flip Catalog

Bring Your Catalog To Life

Wouldn't it be nice if you could instantly send your customers an eco-friendly, electronic flip-through catalog at the touch of a button? With SAGE Flip Catalog, you can! At the click of a mouse, readers can delve into your virtual catalog, putting them in control of the 3-D turning page animation as if they had a real copy in front of them.

SAGE Flip Catalog


  • Drives traffic to your website to increase your company’s exposure
  • Saves money and resources that would otherwise be spent on printing
  • Unlike a print catalog, SAGE Flip Catalogs are searchable by keyword, page number, etc., so readers can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for
  • Readers can download as a PDF file so they always have a copy on hand
  • Print or email the entire document or just certain pages to share with anyone, anywhere


  • File size must be less than 15MB
  • All pages must be combined in a single Adobe PDF
    (no clipping masks)
  • All pages must be uniform in dimensions
  • Only RGB color
  • Resolution: minimum 150dpi / maximum 300dpi
  • No two-page spreads
  • No crop marks or bleeds
  • All fonts must be fully embedded
  • Text that can be searchable must be plain text (not outlined or an image)
  • Any hyperlinks need to be in the PDF file
    (remember to include the http:// with your links)


SAGE Flip Catalog


per catalog

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We are thrilled you’ve decided to order a SAGE Flip Catalog! You are on your way to increasing your exposure and decreasing your carbon footprint.

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