Integrate the SAGE Database into your website.

The SAGE DataStream is a full-featured API designed to give promotional product distributors direct access to all of the products in the SAGE database in order to implement customized search tools or internal applications.

Unlike our other research tools that are turn-key solutions, SAGE DataStream was specifically developed for complete customization and integration into your website’s architecture.

$150 per month or $1,500 per year



Integrates With Your Site

SAGE DataStream seamlessly integrates with your own website.


Real-Time Updates

Syncs with the SAGE database in real time so your product data is always up to date.



Hosted on redundant servers for optimum performance and availability.


Add Products

Allows you to add all of the products from the SAGE database.



Use the data how you want - the customization possibilities are endless.


Search Algorithms

Leverage SAGE search algorithms to take advantage of additional data fields from SAGE Online, such as the ability for users to search by zip code.


DataStream Options

SAGE DataStream is perfect for distributors who are building their own websites with custom e-commerce functionality and want to plug the SAGE product database into the custom architecture. You can select from three options to determine which method best fits your needs:


SAGE DataStream

Used to integrate full product searching into your own site.


Local Caching Option

For customers who require locally cached product data for searches instead of retrieving in real time.


SAGE Application DataStream

Gives distributors direct access to all of the products in the SAGE database for powering their own internal applications including integration with SAGE Online.

For more information on integrating SAGE DataStream into your website, log into with your SAGE login ID and password and choose Developer APIs in the left navigation.

Web Example
Web Example
Now that you've heard all about SAGE DataStream, you probably want to see it in action!
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