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    Full Product Research

    With the ability to search the entire SAGE database of over one million promotional products, your clients can search and order more products for their branding needs 24/7 from their very own custom store.

    Full Product Research
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    Customizable to Fit Any Brand

    You can rearrange the home page, include custom content, and completely customize the navigation to suit anything your client wants to offer in their store.

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    Setup is Super Simple

    We've made it super simple to build an online store with easy drag & drop options and user-friendly text editors.

    Easy Setup
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    Add Unlimited Pages

    The new file library allows you to host and include custom content like images, PDFs, and other files on your company store.

    Unlimited Pages
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    Include a Packing List

    It's the little things that can make a big impact on customer service. Include a packing list with orders so you can rest assured the details are being communicated during the fulfillment process.

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    Our super talented web designers will handle the work so you can give your client the awesome website they want. Your free setup with the purchase of a Company Store Premium Plus includes:

    • Adding customer's company logo
    • Adding homepage text and graphics
    • Configuring store e-commerce settings
    • Adding products to site from the SAGE database (Any customization including adding logos to products will require the SAGE Product Customization Packs.)
    • Ongoing maintenance to site as needed (excludes product updates and changes)
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    Please Note: Your Company Store free setup and site design includes change and update requests within reason except for product customization and as specified above. Excessive or unreasonable requests may entail additional charges, which will be submitted to you for approval prior to the commencement of any work. Your free setup and site design does not include logo design work or other art design services. We recommend that customers use SAGE's ArtworkZone service for reasonably-priced, efficient artwork design services.

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    Live Chat

    Deliver a better customer experience at every turn! Chat with customers directly on your SAGE Company Store to help them with any questions.

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    Tax Calculation

    Automatic tax calculations will automatically determine the appropriate sales tax for your customer without loading in tax tables. This calculator makes taxes easier to set up on your website, creates a more straightforward check-out experience, is always up-to-date, and simplifies your business's back-end management. The automatic tax calculation is available for the United States, Canada, Australia, and the European Union.

Company Store Premium Plus
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SAGE Product Customization Packs

SAGE Product Customization Packs allow you to go the extra mile for your client with more product customization. These packs include the following services provided by our web development specialists:

  • Adding custom products to your site (e.g. You sell your own products that are not in the SAGE database.)
  • Adding logos to products from the SAGE database
  • Product data customization (e.g. Changing all the upcharges for each product.)

Pricing is based on the number of products you’d like customized.

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Completely Customizable Company Stores

Completely Customizable Company Stores


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$79 per month or $795 per year

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