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abc's of social media

The ABC’s of Social Media

Often, when we are researching how to improve our business through social media, we are left with a bunch of jargon that sounds like a foreign language. Social media has evolved since the days of AOL…

influencers banner

Decoding Influencer Marketing

Influencers, unboxing, and advertisements? This new way of marketing and advertising is all across social media. But, what is it? Some sorta magic? First things, first... What is an influencer?…

branding header

Brand Consistency

Consistency in branding is crucial because it helps to establish a strong and recognizable image for your business. But that consistency doesn't just mean your website!

designer with pantone colors

5 Design Terms You Should Know

While graphic design is a skill I would love to say I have, sadly, I can barely resize an image. However, we have some amazing designers here at SAGE that gave me the inside scoop on the most common …

promotional products

2023 Apparel Trends Forecast

These apparel trends are soon to make their mark in 2023! When I look to see what will be trending in the promotional apparel world, I always start my research by looking at the fashion industry f…

brands and social media trends

Adaptability for Social Media in 2023 

In the past year, we saw a lot of new creators and creative ways to innovate your business through a strong social media presence. The biggest takeaway from 2022 that we can bring in the new year…