Author: Caitlin Flynt

Caitlin Flynt(Marketing Coordinator)

Caitlin is a Marketing Coordinator at SAGE. When she's not writing, she enjoys baking and spending time with her beagle puppy, Piper.

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Business Advice

Building a Logoed Brand Kit

How do you create a branded company gift that is simultaneously personal, unique, and valuable? A brand kit is a fantastic way to showcase the products and decoration methods that you offer, as well …

Industry Trends

Predicting Promo Trends for 2020

Some trends grow over time, picking up steam until reaching peak popularity. Other trends materialize almost overnight, thanks to a well-timed celebrity tweet or appearance in a viral TikTok video. W…

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Marketing Inspiration

Memes & Marketing

When you think of “memes” what do you imagine? For many, when someone says meme, they envision this kind of image below – a silly image and some kind of witty saying, or possibly a tidbit of advice, …

Beating Burnout
Business Advice

Beating Burnout

Between heavy workloads and tight deadlines, it’s no surprise that people tend to feel overwhelmed or stretched thin sometimes. When work stress gets to be too much, it can cause a serious problem ca…