Author: Caitlin Flynt

Caitlin Flynt(Marketing Coordinator)

Caitlin is a Marketing Coordinator at SAGE. When she's not writing, she enjoys baking and spending time with her beagle puppy, Piper.

Marketing Inspiration

Animal Crossing: Merch Madness

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out in mid-March, and it quickly became a bit of a phenomenon. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Animal Crossing is a cute life simulation game where your job is …

Business Advice

Top Tips for E-Commerce

Every business with an online store wants to increase traffic and orders, but it can feel a little daunting. A simple online search for “e-commerce tips” will bring you thousands of results of list a…

Business Advice

How to Deal with Negative Reviews

No matter how well you run your business, it’s bound to happen: an unfavorable rating. But don’t panic! A negative review is not the end of your business (or the world!) and if handled properly, can …