Author: Caitlin Flynt

Caitlin Flynt(Marketing Coordinator)

Caitlin is a Marketing Coordinator at SAGE. When she's not writing, she enjoys baking and spending time with her beagle puppy, Piper.

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Business Advice

Building a Logoed Brand Kit

How do you create a branded company gift that is simultaneously personal, unique, and valuable? A brand kit is a fantastic way to showcase the products and decoration methods that you offer, as well …

Industry Trends

Predicting Promo Trends for 2020

Some trends grow over time, picking up steam until reaching peak popularity. Other trends materialize almost overnight, thanks to a well-timed celebrity tweet or appearance in a viral TikTok video. W…

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Marketing Inspiration

Memes & Marketing

When you think of “memes” what do you imagine? For many, when someone says meme, they envision this kind of image below – a silly image and some kind of witty saying, or possibly a tidbit of advice, …