Author: Betty Anderson

Betty Anderson(Marketing Content Writer)

Betty is the Marketing Content Writer at SAGE. She is a self-proclaimed, bonafide nerd, and when she's not writing, you can find her playing video games, planning her next D&D campaign, and binge-watching the latest show on Netflix.

Business Advice

Email Marketing: How to Make it Work

Did you know that email marketing has been around for about as long as emails have? The first email was sent in 1971 by Roy Tomlinson. Then, just seven years later, Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager a…

Business Advice

A Marketing Plan Adventure

Marketing is necessary for any business to grow and engage your audience. It can also be scary as all get out. Dealing with marketing for your business can seem like a big, huge, daunting task. Where…

Business Advice

How to Write a Good Case Study

Bragging is human nature – it’s in our blood. We all like to brag about ourselves, about our accomplishments, giving ourselves the proverbial pat on the back. Even if someone says that they don’t lik…