Author: Ashley Bellow

Ashley Bellow(Content Marketing Coordinator)

Ashley is the Content Marketing Coordinator at SAGE. She has a true passion for writing and blogging. In her free time, you can find her dancing ballet, cooking up one of her favorite recipes, or spending time with her husband Joe and puppy, named Pickles.

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Promotional Product Ideas

The Eras: Promo Tour

If there's one artist who knows how to put on a show, it's Taylor Swift. From her country beginnings to her pop powerhouse status, Swift has captured millions of hearts all over the world with her ev…

Industry Trends

What is Trendspotting?

What is Trendspotting? Trendspotting is the process of observing, analyzing, and interpreting patterns and shifts in various aspects of society, technology, and consumer behavior. It involves sta…

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Business Advice

How to Not Be a Procrastinator Pro

Ah, the life of procrastinating. You get a project, and it doesn’t look too fun to do. Let’s push on working on that project till…the deadline and then panic. Sounds great! The life of a procr…