Game On: 7 Promo Product Games We Love!

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Do you have a client hosting a company picnic, or maybe a game night? What about a customer who’s looking to stock their bar or restaurant with something that not only brings people together – but provides a little fun as well?

That’s right, we’re talking about game promos! And no, not video games either, we mean the classics like checkers, cornhole, darts, and more.

So, let’s take a look at a few of our favorite promotional product games and ways your customers can implement them in their next campaign!

1. Giant 4-in-a-Row Connect Game

Item# 12057
Supplier: AAA Innovations
SAGE# 50260

Don’t let the image fool you, this four-in-a-row connect game is MASSIVE! This is the perfect activity for branding in food halls with outdoor spaces, on university campuses, at afterschool centers, parks, and even cafes or coffee shops.

2. Mini Basketball Set

mini hoop
Supplier: MAC Specialties, Ltd
SAGE# 52485

You know that coworker who’s always trying to score a free throw using a wad of paper and a trash can in the office? This is a fantastic game promo for all the aspiring star athletes out there, perfect for office break rooms or body shop waiting rooms, or even by the bar for a little added brand recognition during happy hour.

3. Direct Print Dart Cabinet Set

dart set
Item# PB7010
Supplier: Trademark Global
SAGE# 68352

Speaking of bars, need we say more? Look at that logo! From bars or gastropubs to breweries and event spaces, a classic dart board will never go out of style.

4. Fun On-the-Go Games: Checkers

on the go checkers
Item# VOUT013
Supplier: Koozie Group
SAGE# 57550

Do you have a rental car company as a customer? What about a regional airline or even travel agency? This is an excellent promo businesses can gift their customers to help stave off boredom during long road trips. Every piece is stored directly in the bag, which doubles as the board!

5. Wood Pickleball Set

pickle ball set
Supplier: Tekweld
SAGE# 67569

In case you haven’t heard… pickleball is THE latest thing. From apartment leasing offices or rec centers to country clubs and even retirement communities, this pickleball giveaway is a definite winner when it comes to lasting impressions.

5. Wooden Triangle Jump Peg Game

Item# S71488X
Supplier: WOWLine
SAGE# 52510

This little portable peg game is the perfect branded gift or giveaway for travel-related businesses. But wait – there’s more! Think bookstores, coffee shops, cafes, and even a cigar lounge, perhaps?

6. Finger Board with Full Wrap Printing Options

finger board
Item# FB-01-OCEAN
Supplier: Global Promo LLC
SAGE# 67695

Okay, hear us out for this one… fingerboards. Do you remember these from the early aughts? All the skater kids in school had them. From skate shops to coffee shops, comic book stores or tattoo parlors, even toy stores, bike shops, rec centers, afterschool centers, and more, these fingerboards are a ton of fun and a great way to get brand visibility right in the hands of your customer’s target audience.

7. Regulation Cornhole Set

cornhole set
Supplier: Promotoss
SAGE# 69090

Seriously, who does not love this game? With a branded board and bean bags, it’s the perfect promo for any outdoor event. Whether for your customer’s company picnic, a charity BBQ, or even a tailgate, this is a guaranteed winner.

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