Why I Love Kits - And You Should Too!


Kitting. I love kitting. I’ve talked about it here and there in a few blogs, even in my most recent Supplier Spotlight with Safety Made – which specializes in kits.

Well, it’s finally the day, my friends. I get to talk to you in-depth about kits and kitting and why you should love them too. Kits are the perfect tool to add to your arsenal when pitching ideas to your clients.

Whatever you call them: kits, goodie bags, gift boxes, swag boxes, PR boxes, etc., they typically all have the same components or concept: a branded box, branded products inside, a type of confetti filler or exclusive packaging, and in some cases a product the company is trying to sell. Alternatively, kitting as a concept might not include a box, but still promotes the idea of a thoughtful and themed gift. I could write all about how being a recipient of these kits or gifts gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling and makes you feel special, but you already know that. Instead, let’s talk brand equity!

While we love warm and fuzzy, creating lasting impressions has an invaluable impact for any brand. Let’s take a look back in February at the now-infamous Stanley Quencher.

Stanley has forever been THE thermos company. Their best seller has been their classic thermos design for 111 years. Until a few social media influencers got ahold of the mug, then it exploded on TikTok, and Stanley saw an opportunity. In November of last year (2023 as of writing), a TikToker posted a video showing her car, which had been on fire, and the only item that survived was her Stanley. There was even still ice in her drink while the rest of the car had pretty much melted.

Stanley saw the viral video and partnered with Mazda to send her a ton of Stanley products and a brand-new car. Seriously.

@danimarielettering What a journey, thank you all sooo much for being here for it. I cant say it enough, this wouldnt have happened without every single one of you. Love you and @Stanley 1913 ♬ The Champion – Lux-Inspira

Now, we’re not telling you to try and convince your customers to give out free cars, but that act of kindness from both Stanley and Mazda told the general public that they are brands that care about their consumers. And while it’s not necessarily kitting in the traditional sense, Stanley packaged a gift, customized with the recipient in mind, that also related to the now infamous video – and the results were astonishing.

Their TikTok following increased 220% over the previous year and the craze following the viral incident (plus multiple campaigns and partnerships to capitalize on the extra exposure) led to an increase in sales of an additional $675 million a year.

As humans, we are social creatures. We have a deep desire to be included in our communities, which among many things, means having the same items or experiences as others that we deem cool. The Stanley Quencher is cool because of ‘social contagion’… because of TikTok. Simply put, societally, we look to others to guide us in what is cool, hip, or ‘in’ and we want what everyone else has. Previously, we looked to fashion magazines, now we look to social media and celebrities.

Another great example of this phenomenon is the Oprah’s Favorite Things list, an ultimate gift guide originally promoted on The Oprah Winfrey Show that has since lived on beyond the life of the show itself. Or, the famous Oscar “Everyone Wins!” goodie bags. The 2024 Oscars goodie bag was worth a whopping $178k and featured everything from a Rubik’s cube to a $25,000 vacation at a ski lodge.

While these bags are exclusive and only given to the nominees, the ultimate strategy is for the celebrities to post about, or be photographed with said products. However, even if the celebrity does not promote the items in the goodie bag, the mere association instantly boosts the popularity of those brands.

But how does this all tie back to what WE do? Well, that’s where brand equity comes in, the commercial value of a company derived from consumer perception. People like to feel special, but they also like to feel included. Kitting is a fantastic way for your clients to meet those needs with customization, a positive customer experience, and ultimately creating lasting impressions.

Even if your client doesn’t have the budget for a huge kit or gift, it can still be just as effective on a smaller scale. What matters is if it’s unique and customizable, if the branding and artwork stand out, and whether the products are quality items. All of these things combined create a winning combination and a successful campaign.

Have you had a client create a really cool kitting campaign? Tell me in the comments below! And for more marketing inspiration, click here!

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