15 Promo Products Too Cool For Summer

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It’s summer! I got my hat on backwards, it’s time to party. Vine anyone? Rip Vine. I will always long for you.


The warmer temps are definitely here to stay, and that means it’s time for some seriously cool promo products! From company picnics to incentive trips and everything in between, the options for gifts and giveaways are endless. So, to help you narrow down that list, here’s a look at 15 trending perfect-for-summer products you can pitch your customers to help get their party started!

Tuscany Backpack Picnic Blanket

tuscany backpack picnic blanket
We need to bring picnics back.
Item# TBPB
Supplier: Towel Specialties
SAGE# 53926

7-Piece BBQ Apron & Tool Set

7 piece bbq set
Bring the BBQ to the aforementioned picnic, please.
7-Piece BBQ Apron & Tool Set
Item# BT70
Supplier: OpusLine
SAGE# 67027

3-Can Cooler Tube

can cooler tube
Nothing is worse than a summer-sun-baked soda can.
Item# 5009
Supplier: Southern Plus
SAGE# 50124

Clear Fanny Pack Bag

Clear Fanny Pack Bag
The perfect way to keep that bug spray close during those summer night concerts.
Item# FPCL02
Supplier: ImprintID
SAGE# 69609

Sun Bum Day Tripper Kit

Sun Bum Day Tripper Kit
Supplier: HIRSCH
SAGE# 66296

JBL Go 2 Bluetooth® Portable Speaker

JBL Go 2 Bluetooth® Portable Speaker
A little something to jam out to by the pool, lake, or beach!
Supplier: HIRSCH
SAGE# 66296

Clipper RPET Canvas Duffel

Clipper RPET Canvas Duffel
Perfect for weekend summer getaways.
Item# WBA-CL23
Supplier: Ariel Premium Supply Inc.
SAGE# 60462

Casely Power Pod

Casely Power Pod
Help your customer’s phone battery last as long as the summer sun!
Item# 57706
Supplier: iClick
SAGE# 67747

Market Street Tote

Market Street Tote
Canvas bags and strappy sandals on the beach please.
Item# 101926-101
Supplier: Gemline
SAGE# 46940

“The Rainier” Cooling Towel

"The Rainier" Cooling Towel
Sweet relief!
Item# 5132
Supplier: Innovation Line
SAGE# 51749

The Flip-Flop

the flip flop
Not just any flip-flop. It’s THE Flip Flop.
Item# CPS-FF
Supplier: Sock101
SAGE# 50144

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag
Vaca Tip: Don’t ever check a bag without these.
Supplier: SunJoy Group Inc
SAGE# 68232

Tritan™ Plastic Water Bottle

 Tritan™ Plastic Water Bottle
And just like you should wear your sunscreen… stay hydrated!
Item# APG119
Supplier: Bel Promo
SAGE# 67337

Contain-It™ Rain Poncho

Contain-It™ Rain Poncho
Keep dry in those summer showers.
Item# 3888
Supplier: Evans Manufacturing
SAGE# 50018

Inflatable Palm Tree Lagoon Beverage Coaster

Inflatable Palm Tree Lagoon Beverage Coaster
Item# JK-9410
Supplier: Jornik Manufacturing Corporation
SAGE# 50219

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