The Do's and Don'ts of Conference Promo

dos and donts


Conferences are ideal hubs for networking, learning, and promoting your brand or business.

But what about the promo?

The effectiveness of a promotional product’s campaign depends on various factors, including relevance, quality, and audience engagement. This is where you come in! As a promotional products distributor, it’s all about the relationship. Acting as a consultant for your customers, you can ensure their promotional efforts hit the mark.

So when it comes to perfectly picking promo for their event, here’s how to advise your customers and set them up for success:


Before your clients select promotional items, they need to thoroughly research the demographics and interests of their conference attendees. Understanding audiences allows them to choose items that resonate, increasing the likelihood of engagement and retention.

align with your brand

Help your customers select items that align with their brand identity and messaging. Promotional products should reflect the company’s values and offerings, reinforcing brand recognition and recall among their recipients.


Your client should choose practical items that attendees will find useful in their daily lives. Functional products such as pens, notebooks, USB drives, or reusable water bottles tend to be well-received and offer prolonged exposure to your client’s brand.


Your client can offer exclusive discounts, access to resources, or educational materials alongside their promotional products. Providing value beyond the physical item enhances the perceived benefit for attendees and fosters goodwill towards your customer’s brand.


Encourage your clients to engage their attendees with interactive elements of their promo products. QR codes linking to exclusive content, gamified experiences, or product demonstrations can enhance interaction and leave a lasting impression.

But wait – there’s more! Part of consulting with your customers is also helping them sidestep less effective practices like these:


Help your clients avoid generic or overused promotional products that fail to capture attention or differentiate your brand. Aim for uniqueness and creativity to stand out amidst the sea of conference swag.


Resist the temptation to distribute items unrelated to your client’s industry or audience interests. Promotional products should resonate with attendees and reinforce relevance within the context of the conference.


Tell your client to avoid overwhelming promotional products with excessive branding or logos. Subtlety is key; opt for tasteful branding that enhances rather than detracts from the item’s appeal.


Let your client know to steer clear of poorly designed or impractical products that fail to leave a positive impression. Attention to detail in product design and functionality demonstrates your commitment to quality and professionalism.


Heads up to your client! Advise them not to overlook the importance of their post-conference follow-up. They should collect attendee feedback, leverage contact information for personalized follow-up communications, and track the impact of their promotional efforts to inform future strategies.

In conclusion, conference promotional products offer valuable opportunities to enhance brand visibility, engage with attendees, and leave a lasting impression. If you help your clients follow these do’s and don’ts when pitching them products, they can maximize the effectiveness of their promotional efforts and create meaningful connections with their conference participants.


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