What's Hot, What's Not: 3 Ways to Find Industry Trends

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Selfie sticks came and went (sort of), and so did fidget spinners and poppers. Now, the hype has landed on Stanley Cups. But before we know it, these viral items will fizzle out and earn their rightful spot in the promo Hall of Fame, giving way for something else worthy of our time. The world of promotional products orbits our advertising niche with a speed only really known and felt by industry professionals. The only way to keep the gears spinning is to stay up to date on all the latest trends and innovations. That being said, our 23-billion-dollar industry is notorious for having hidden streams of information that don’t always pull up with a simple Google search.

We’ve been married to promotional products for over 30 years and have uncovered a few trustworthy resources along the way. And since we always strive to fill our industry with good Samaritan spirit, now came the time to share them with you!

1. Check In With Relevant Publications

Okay, so we know this might be early aughts, but hear us out. Email newsletters. Did you know you can get relevant promo industry newsletters in your inbox almost daily? We have monthly and quarterly newsletters like the 60 Second Stats, which gives you all the relevant stats from the previous month, like top products, product category increases and decreases in searches in SAGE, and more. The Monthly Trends newsletter will tell you all about what’s trending in the world of promo – plus, it’ll give you handy resources like free social media images to use on your own socials and a preview of that month’s newest email campaigns. If you’re not getting these emails, be sure to contact your Account Advisor to get signed up!

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PPAI’s PPB Newslink is also a really handy newsletter that hits your email twice a week, and it offers updates from their blog, what’s going on in the world of promo, and more, which you can sign up for here (and their other publications here too!).

2. Sync Up With the Community

It hasn’t surpassed the speed of light (yet), but social media is changing how we are used to sharing information. A mere twenty years ago, having a cutting-edge cell phone meant that it had a catchy ringtone and maybe a shaky web browser. Nowadays, your phone may as well be Neolithic if it doesn’t let you interact with everyone you know 24/7. Staying wired round-the-clock can get overwhelming, leaving us to opt out of this web of social connections altogether. And though it’s easy to toss your tablet and label it “a privilege that is just not meant for everyone,” it’s harder to stick with it and take advantage of its networking potential. Without getting into specifics, here are a few of our tried and true informative channels:

SAGE Community: Need help finding a product or want to know what’s trending in your area? Check out SAGE Community in SAGE Total Access and chat with other industry professionals on any promotional product topic. Rest assured, you can be your true self in a familiar environment where everyone speaks the promo code.

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Hey, look, it’s me!

Social media channels: This resource is by far the most undervalued of all, being that it appeals particularly to the younger generation for reasons we may or may not be entirely on board with. However, there are so many facets to social media networking that extend far past the obvious selfie-inflicted warfare. Like birds of a feather, promotional product professionals flock together. So, if you haven’t joined the Promo Professionals group on Facebook or other industry-specific social groups, you should check them out!

Plus, if you want to keep up with all things SAGE, follow our socials! We will often post handy things like stats. For example, you can find both informative and just for fun posts on all of our socials like Facebook and X. If you follow our LinkedIn, you’ll see little bite-sized nuggets of inspo routinely! And, if you follow our Instagram, you’ll see some seriously fun behind-the-scenes stuff!

3. Leverage Your Resources

If you work with promotional products, odds are you have an arsenal of solutions and services at your disposal to engage with your client base and ultimately sell more products. But have you ever wondered if your tools could not only help you run your business but also educate you on latest trends that are relevant to your trade? That would cut a lot of time out of your day, jumping from platform to platform for valuable insight on your upcoming project.

We can help with that, too! We routinely post a whole bunch of interesting topics right here on our blog. From monthly reports on top products to industry mini-dives. And our industry dives don’t stop there either – we’ve got a whole resource page full of them that we update regularly with both larger industries and smaller niche ones to help you break into something you might not have thought about!

We also have reports on industry trends, quarterly stats, promo calendars and more that you can check out, too!

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Plus, SAGE Total Access can help! You can search for new and popular products just by selecting those options in the Other Filters section at the bottom of the search tab.

SOL Search

And now that we have transferred this wisdom onto you, keep this helpful ball rolling and share these resources with the rest of the community!

Editors Note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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