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It’s a basic, universal fact of life: we LOVE our pets! Whether they’re as small as a mouse or as large as a Newfoundland, no one can deny that having a pet brightens our lives! Our pets are such an integral part of our lives, that we oftentimes take better care of them than ourselves, and that is why the pet industry is one of the largest out there. From food to grooming and doggy daycares, let’s take a deep dive into pets and the promotional products industry!

Let’s get started with some facts about the industry.

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pet industry deep dive 2
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Millennials love their pets!

With all that information, who can you market promos to? Well, the obvious are probably pet stores and veterinary offices. But you can also throw in places like bakeries (or barkeries…?), grooming businesses (shops or mobile), daycares & boarding, cat cafes, fish stores and tank keepers, and rescues and shelters. And while they’re definitely not pets, even sanctuaries like the Bat World Sanctuary here in North Texas.

So, let’s take a look at a few products you can market to the pet industry!

bird feeder
pet industry product 3
pet industry product 2
pet industry product 4

But wait, there’s more! The pet industry goes even deeper – check out our guide for more stats, products, and details that take a deeper dive here! To read more industry deep dives, click here!

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