10 Cool Products We Saw at The PPAI Expo: 2024

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The PPAI Expo is the epitome of all things new and exciting at the start of each year and our favorite thing to do is walk the show floor looking for all the cool new products! Whether they’re new items we haven’t seen before or just a cool new twist on an old classic, that’s what the show is all about, right? And with almost 1k exhibitors and a walking distance that nearly equates to a 5k marathon, there’s a lot to see!

So, while it was difficult to narrow down everything we saw to a top 10 list, these items are a combination of innovative new products, items that work for all different budgets, and things we thought were just plain cool. So here it is – these are the top 10 (in no particular order) coolest products we saw at The PPAI Expo!

Floatie Kings – SAGE #52989

Custom pool floats and inflatables

Ok, custom pool floats and inflatables – these are so cute and definitely not your standard wacky waving inflatable tube man. These are a great way for businesses to grab people’s attention and get a ton of engagement on their social channels because of course we want to post a pic when they’re this cute!

More Than Chocolate – SAGE #52134

Customizable Chocolate Business Cards – Item #03M01BC0001

Tell me this wouldn’t work on you. While More Than Chocolate has more than chocolate business cards, that was the item that drew us in. We get a million business cards and rarely does one stand out like this did. Plus, it was delicious.

Photo Reveal Art – SAGE #52589

5″ x 7″ Ready to Reveal Picture with a Twist – Item #57TOP

This grabbed our attention because even with many many years in the industry, this is something we’ve never seen before – and we’d bet your customers haven’t either!. The process to ‘reveal’ the artwork with the olive oil pen takes a little while, but it’s almost meditative, and then you have a beautiful photo keepsake when you’re done!

Sweeter Cards – SAGE #52767

Customizable Greeting Card + Gourmet Chocolate Bar
– Item #CHOCOLATE123

Yes, we did put chocolate on this list twice. But make no mistake, this card is an innovative way for your customers to grab attention, get their message across in a memorable way, and do a little good too! Sweeter Cards not only has a tasty product, but the company is woman-owned, uses fair trade certified chocolate, recyclable card packaging, and employs adults with disabilities.

Premeo Sports Inc – SAGE #53012

Pickleball rackets

Unless you’ve not been paying attention, pickleball is THE latest sports phenomenon, and surprisingly, we didn’t see a lot of paddles at the show. To be honest, we were skeptical too, but we got a quick lesson (and got schooled) at the back of the show floor, and we’re kind of obsessed now. These pickleball paddles are made from 100% carbon, so they’re virtually indestructible and super lightweight. This is a great way for any company to get on trend and get tons of visibility.

Numo – SAGE #66640

Belt bags and backpacks

Oh, Numo. We will always love your aesthetic. Numo does a fabulous job staying on trend with the latest in popular products, fabrics, and colorways. These belt bags are no exception. They are hands-free, fully customizable, and made for on-the-go, perfect for a subtle promotional tool that will live on for years to come.

Tomax USA – SAGE #53942

Camper’s Kit – Item #GP1188

This Camper’s Kit is the perfect compact and lightweight solution for all your trekking needs. It includes a power bank with a built-in spotlight and charging ports, a tiny waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a 3-in-1 charging cable (USB-A or USB-C), and a tech organizer to store it all. There are a lot of tech kits out there, but the great thing about this one is how small and versatile it is. It’s perfect for getting outside or just to have on hand in an emergency. 

Olive & Cocoa – SAGE #53071

Customized gift crates

Olive & Cocoa has beautiful gift crate options, from florals or succulents to food gifts, self-care items, and more. Then, they’ll brand your customer’s message or logo into the wood. We obviously love how pretty these are, but the best part is the crate! They can be repurposed for decor, storage, or just kept as planters – if you’re the type of person that can keep a succulent alive.

Sofia’s Cookies Incorporated – SAGE #69145

Custom Branded Kitting Gift Box – Item #10800

More treats! But it’s not all chocolate this time. Kitting is all the rage, and we don’t think that’s going away anytime soon. This gift box is beautifully made, and includes treats and products, all with a cohesive design for beautifully Instagrammable kit pics. If you’re sensing a theme here, you would be right. Packaging and style can make or break your promotion!

Rupt – SAGE #52998

Lucen Bottle – Item #LUCEB

First off, let us say we were intrigued by a ton of the Rupt products, but one of the main things that caught our attention was the packaging. Again – packaging matters, folks! Many of the products are made from mostly recycled plastic, many are carbon neutral, and this fancy little bottle’s box turns into a greenhouse once you take the bottle out! So, not only do your customers get a really cool bottle, but they get a little desk planter, too.

What do you think about our top products? Did you see some at the show that you thought were cool but we didn’t mention them here? Let us know in the comments below!

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