SAGE Product Updates: Q4 2023 Development Recap

SAGE dev updates Q4

It’s January, the holidays seem long gone, traffic is returning to normal, and Q4 2023 is over! Even though historically, Q4 is relatively slow for the majority of businesses while everyone ties up the year like a pretty package – that doesn’t mean we’ve been slowing down. In fact – in between releasing updates in Q4, we’ve been revving up for Q1 2024 and The PPAI Expo!

So, without further ado, let’s recap what we were up to in Q4!

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Websites got our biggest updates this past quarter! We saw enhancements like the option to include the packing slip as an attachment to the cart notification email, plus the unit price and the line item subtotals are also included in the cart notification email. Plus, the max client list import has been upped to 10,000 per file.

If you’re up in Canada-land, you’ll notice the addition of Canadian spellings! We also removed the “C” from the Canadian dollar pricing.

Do you love infinite scrolling? We sure do! Large client lists now use partial loading with an infinite scroll for performance in admin. You’ll also notice a scroll to the top button that’s been added to the client list page in admin.

Client count has been added to the header of the client’s page in admin; the showroom import products modal now includes the store name, plus a text filter on the showroom product important modal has also been added.

client count screenshot

If you want to link or unlink from the SAGE Product Database, you can now do that on your showroom product edit page.

unlink screenshot

Probably one of the coolest updates you’ll see is that our ColorSense technology now works on the homepage product carousel!

colorsense screenshot

And, last but not least, your site security got an update, too – the minimum password length for clients increased from 6 characters to 8.

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Q4 saw a small update for SAGE Online – the client discount field no longer carries over when copying between forms. We can’t wait to show you the BIG updates for Q1 2024!

SAGE web banner

A few small changes have been added to SAGE Web (wait until you see Q1 2024’s updates, though!). You’ll now see a “Report Update” button was added to match SAGE Online. It lets users report product or supplier data that’s not accurate. Then, our team here at SAGE will work on getting that data fixed and updated! Multiline reps are also shown in supplier searches.

SAGE web screenshot

And that’s a wrap for Q4 AND 2023! We can’t wait to see what 2024 brings – especially with all the new releases in Q1. It’s going to be a great year!

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