Deep Dive: The Funeral Industry

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Death is inevitable. It does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, your sexual orientation, your gender, or the color of your skin. It comes for us all. With its inevitability, death has become an essential industry and a large one at that. From casket makers to embalmers, let’s take a deep dive into the funeral industry.

When it comes to stats, what does the funeral industry look like?

When we think of a funeral, we typically think of funeral homes, embalming, caskets, lots of flowers, and lots of black. Here are some examples of promotional items that everyone in the funeral industry can use:

Slim Pocket Mirror

utra thin pocket mirror
Item # WPC-PM10
Ariel Premium Supply Inc
SAGE# 60462


Item# A302S
Raintec Umbrella
SAGE# 68704

Reusable Lint Roller

lint roller
Item # WPC-LR12
Ariel Premium Supply Inc
SAGE# 60462

Casket Stress Reliever

casket stress reliver
Item # 26706
Alpi International Ltd
SAGE# 50313


Item # WAH-201
Royal Industries
SAGE# 56220

What about those in cremation or in green burials?

Burlap Tote Bag

burlap tote
Item# 7102
Southern Plus
SAGE# 50124

Urn Pendant

urn necklace
Item# SAEX172
League Promo
SAGE# 50845

Pet memorials are also becoming incredibly popular as pets have become important family members!

Pet Memorial Kit

pet memorial kit
Item# VAP
Savor Goods, LLC
SAGE# 52744

Looking for more stats like total revenue and the percentage of cremation over traditional burials? Check out our in-depth deep dive here! You can also check out more industry deep dives here!

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