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Whether you are a SAGE expert or a SAGE newbie, using advanced search capabilities in SAGE Online can REALLY help your product search. With 1.2 million active products, it is no wonder that advanced searching is a must in the vast world of SAGE Online. You can discover the perfect promo products for your clients by using drill-down options and filters.

Let’s look at some questions and answers that will help your advanced searching journey!

First things first, for advanced searches, you will need to utilize the Advanced Search view in the Product Search Area. If you are currently using a different search view, to change your view, select the View icon in the top right corner to switch to the Advanced Search view.

So, how do you even start an advanced search in SAGE Online?

How To Start and Filter An Advanced Search

• Log into SAGE Online and click on the Product Search tab in the left menu.

• From the Advanced Search view, you can start your search broad or narrow by using the drill-down options and filters listed.

• If you are unsure what each field means, you can hover over the criteria titles for a brief explanation.

• After choosing your filter options, click Start Search.

filter advanced search

Okay, great, but what should I be searching by?

Suggested Search Criteria Combinations

The most basic search criteria combinations are Category, Keywords, and Color. To be more specific on what you need for a product, you can also use criteria like Price, Quantity, Dimensions, Decoration Method, Made In, Assembled-in, or Decorated-in.

Search Combos

I’m in a rush, how do I ensure that my client will get their product FAST?

Quick Turnaround

Fill out the Production Time field and select the In-Stock option from the Other Filter Options section. Additionally, you can enter Location and Ship Point; these fields will narrow to where the product will ship from, saving you time and money.

quick turnaround

I’m all out of promotional product ideas. Can SAGE help?

Product Ideas

If you need ideas for your product search, try using the Theme field along with a quantity and the price range you are looking for. You can also include Other Filter Options such as Fresh Ideas, Popular Products, Premiums/Incentives, or Wearables Excluded.

product ideas

Ah great! But can I get more ideas than that?

Of course! You can use the Idea Wizard feature in the Product Search area to generate even more ideas quickly. The SAGE Idea Wizard uses the power of generative AI to give you ideas based on an event or promotion. Click the lightbulb icon in the right corner to get started.

How do I fine-tune my search criteria?

What are search connectors?

Search connectors are used when you want to include more than one keyword, theme, or color in the same search. You can use a variety of connectors depending on what you need to do, such as:

  • Using AND & OR: For example, if you need a ceramic mug with a handle, you could enter CERAMIC AND HANDLE as keywords. On the other hand, if you wanted something ceramic or porcelain, you would type CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN in the keyword area.
  • Using NOT: If you want to search for a plastic pen without a stylus, you would enter PEN as your Category and PLASTIC NOT STYLUS as your keywords.
  • Using OR and Parentheses: If you want a mug that is either ceramic or porcelain, but in either case, it has to have a handle, you will enter (CERAMIC OR PORCELAIN) AND HANDLE in the keywords field.
search connectors

Are there other filter options?

Absolutely! Discover a breakdown of our filter options and additional search tips in our Advanced Searching in SAGE Online Cheat Sheet.

To dive deeper into SAGE Total Access’s advanced product search capabilities, contact your Account Advisor today to sign up for a complimentary live demo, or you can view a tutorial here.

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