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In the airline industry, the true measure of customer experience comes from the journey. And while an airlines’ role is getting passengers from point A to point B, enhancing the guest experience is what air travel is all about. From regional to luxury airline services, promotional products elevate the guest flying experience to the next level.

There are multiple different classifications of air travel. Here, we will be focusing on three main categories.

  • Regional
  • Charter/Private
  • Luxury

Regional Airlines

What is Regional Air Travel?

A regional airport only operates flights within a country, rather than international air travel. Regional aircraft typically fly shorter routes, operate with 50-80 seats on board, and sell tickets for a scheduled flight until the aircraft reaches capacity. There are currently 62 U.S.-certified regional carriers in operation.

Five main sub-brands in the United States include the following regional brands:

  • Horizon Air
  • SkyWest Airlines
  • American Eagle
  • Delta Connection
  • United Express

Why do regional airlines need promotional products?

Brand Recognition: By distributing items such as branded merchandise, regional airlines can reach a wider audience and enhance recognition of their airline among travelers.

Creating a Bond: Promotional products can be used to show appreciation to loyal passengers, reward frequent flyers, or incentivize repeat business. These items can serve as gestures of gratitude and help foster customer loyalty.

Vacation Collabs: Co-branded items can be distributed to customers, highlighting the collaborative, unique partnerships between regional airlines and vacation companies.

Community Outreach: Regional airlines can distribute items at trade shows, community events, or day-to-day air travel to increase their reach and engage with the community.

Relaxation with Smaller Flights: Regional airlines can provide amenities like branded pillows, blankets, or travel essentials that add comfort and convenience during the flight, which are typically not offered by major airlines.

Promotional products serve as tangible reminders of the airline’s services and can contribute to a positive perception among passengers and the community.

Perfect Promotional Products for Regional Airlines

Here are a few promotional products that are well-suited for regional airlines:

  • Travel Neck Pillows
  • Travel-Sized Toiletry Kits
  • Airline Branded Earphones
  • Travel Document Holders
  • Travel-Sized Hand Sanitizers
Travel Document Holders
Fey Promo
Item #5470 | SAGE #56920

Charter/Private Airlines

What is Charter/Private Travel?

A charter (or private) flight refers to a jet that’s been booked by an individual or private group. A charter jet is non-scheduled, meaning it does not have a set time by the airline itself, but rather the customer booking the aircraft.

Why do private jets need promotional products?

Private jets may utilize promotional products for several reasons:

Visibility: Private jet companies often use promotional products to enhance their brand visibility and promote their services.

Client Appreciation: Promotional products can be used as gestures of appreciation and gratitude towards their customers, a must for any private jet company.

Corporate Partnerships: Promotional products can be used to showcase corporate partnerships, featuring the logos or branding of the collaborating high-end companies.

VIP Services: Private jet companies strive to provide a luxurious and personalized experience for their clients, and promotional products can be utilized to enhance this experience.

Exclusive Events and Conferences: Private jets are often utilized for executive travel, corporate retreats, or exclusive events, and promo items can be incorporated into these occasions to create a cohesive experience.

Ultimately, the use of promotional products by private jet companies serves multiple purposes. They play a role in strengthening relationships, creating a memorable journey, and showcasing the exclusivity and sophistication of private jet travel.

Here are a few promotional products that are well-suited for charter/private air travel:

Personalized Promotional Products for Charter/Private Air Travel

  • Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottles
  • Custom Embroidered Luxury Bathrobes
  • Branded Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Luxury Travel Blankets
  • Personalized Leather Coasters
Apollo USA
Item #R-68 | SAGE #63682

Luxury Airlines

What is Luxury Jet Charter Service?

Luxury charter jets are a step above typical private air travel. This type of air travel features plush furniture, bathrooms/showers, and sometimes a bedroom. Luxury travel includes long-distance private air travel as well as international flights.

To set luxury air travel above the rest, the entire experience is catered to the client. Often, amenities feature the following:

  • Inflight catering menu
  • Chauffeured ground services
  • Rental cars
  • Hotel reservations
  • Private security

Why do luxury jets need promotional items?

  1. Competitive Twist: The luxury jet industry is highly competitive, and companies strive to be the top jet service for celebrities. And promo items offer a competitive twist.
  2. Thanking Clients: Promotional products can be used as tokens of appreciation to thank high-end clients for their business and loyalty.
  3. Top of Mind: Like private and charter jets, promotional products serve as reminders of the company and its services, helping to keep their brand top of mind when exclusive clients book a luxury jet.
  4. A High Caliber: It’s important to note that promotional products in the luxury jet industry are typically of a higher caliber to align with the luxury and premium image associated with these services.

Promotional Products for Luxury Air Travel

Here are a few promotional products that are perfect for luxury airlines:

(Keep in mind that luxury airlines often brand promotional products with the client in mind rather than branding items with the business logo.)

  • Custom Luggage Tags
  • Personalized Bath Towels
  • Champagne/Cocktail Glasses
  • Weekender Bag
  • Leather Laptop Case
Item #1216202 | SAGE #68750


In the airline industry, promotional products play a significant role in enhancing the guest experience and elevating the overall journey for passengers. Whether it’s regional, charter/private, or luxury airlines, promotional products serve various purposes, including brand awareness, customer loyalty, differentiation, advertising, and enhancing the travel experience. Promotional products create a tangible connection between airlines and passengers, making the journey memorable.

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