Supplier Spotlight: Relaxing at the Spa with High Caliber Line


One of the toughest things to do is predict what people want. In a world where trends seem to come and go in a matter of days, it’s hard to know what will be popular next or what the next ‘it’ thing will be.

But, High Caliber Line has taken the guesswork out of your gift-giving woes with their newest line of promotional products: spa kits!

I sat down with Brian Padian, the Vice President of Marketing for High Caliber Line, to chat about how they came up with their newest products and how they knew what end buyers ultimately wanted.

When I last caught up with Brian, he had a quick layover in Dallas before he jetted off to a tradeshow. This time, he was relaxing at a golf resort – and still took my call because even on vacation, Brian is always down to talk promo. When we spoke last, he and his team at High Caliber Line had just launched their Hippo mug with huge success. Now, they’ve got another winner on their hands!

Anyone in marketing knows how tedious it can be to crunch numbers and summarize market research. Luckily, AI is a tool that can take the tediousness out of it. And Brian and his team at High Caliber Line harnessed the power of AI to do just that! They used AI to crunch the numbers and see what people really wanted out of their promotional products, and what they found was that they wanted an experience.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you know I’m a big fan of kitting, and this is the exact reason why. It’s so much fun, from my personal experience, to open the bag or box the promotional items come in and pull each one out to see exactly what you got. It’s like opening a stocking at Christmas!

High Caliber Line’s spa kits have all that plus a little bit more. After the bath products are used (and trust me, your customers will definitely want to use them!), they can also use the beautifully made and sustainable bucket or box to store washcloths, toiletries, and more.

And, the best part? Their spa kits are made in all different sizes and shapes, which means different price points, so they’re affordable for everyone with any budget. They’re not strictly just for the home bathroom either – they have travel kits too!

Brian is super excited to see what the future holds for their spa kits and of course what other experiential promo he and his team can come up with next. To keep an eye on High Caliber Line, or learn more about these awesome kits, click here! To check out past Supplier Spotlight Blogs, click here!

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