The Merch of the World Series

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Rangers win! Rangers win! The Texas Rangers win the World Series!

For the first time in franchise history, the Texas Rangers have won the World Series! And as they happen to play right here in our very own backyard, there are a whole lot of very happy fans right now in the SAGE office!

It’s always a really cool sight to see the winning team excitedly put on their new shirts on the field after their win. We in the promotional products industry know that the production turnaround time for those shirts and other promo products is pretty quick, and we also know that distributors, graphic designers, suppliers, decorators, and more have been working hard to produce those hats, shirts, jackets, pins, balls, and everything else with the official World Series Champs logo and design for both teams in preparation for the win.

Thousands of pieces of merchandise are produced, packaged, and shipped to locations across the United States – and especially each team’s home city – ready to go on sale the morning after the game.

But, if you’re like me, you want to know what happens to the products of the losing team – we know that they’re produced, but do they just fall into the void like they never existed? Or maybe they get put away in a warehouse, never to be looked at again (imagine a huge warehouse of losing team merch dating back to the 1970s!). But the answer is surprisingly simple – and one we’ve talked about before on this blog!

Think about it – the merchandise that isn’t released is essentially just a lot of misprints. There’s nothing wrong with it – it just happens to have the wrong team’s logo. This means there’s no reason to trash or incinerate it – especially when there is someone who could use it. So, they donate it!

While the winning team’s merchandise goes to brick-and-mortar shops and online vendors, Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving who partners with Major League Baseball (as well as the NFL), will donate the losing team’s championship gear to communities in need outside of the U.S.

Overall, the process of designing and manufacturing thousands of items so quickly is quite an impressive feat, and particularly exciting for us considering our home-field advantage… so let’s take a look at some of our favorite 2023 World Series Championship gear celebrating the Ranger’s historic win!

1. 2023 World Series Champions Limited Jerseys

championship jersey

2. Texas Rangers WinCraft 2023 World Series Champions Five-Piece Collector Pin Set

pin set

3. 2023 World Series Champions Locker Room Celebration 12″ x 30″ Premium Pennant

felt pennant

4. Men’s Texas Rangers Majestic Threads 2023 World Series Champions Raglan 3/4-Sleeve T-Shirt

5. Women’s Texas Rangers ’47 White 2023 World Series Champions Adjustable Hat

6. Texas Rangers Fanatics 2023 World Series Champions Gift Box Set (which is already sold out!)

fanatics gift box

Are you as excited as we are that the Rangers won? What is your favorite ‘big win’ promo? Well, it’s been a good season. Until next year MLB fans, we’ll see you on the field!

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