SAGE Product Updates: Development Recap Q3 2023

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It’s football season (Taylor’s Version) and after a touchdown to finish the 3rd quarter, we’re ready to kick off the 4th! But before that whistle blows, let’s stop the clock and playback some of our Q3 highlights!

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This past quarter our websites saw a big ‘ol boost with this update! Now, with cart payment status updates, when your customer makes a purchase, the status will update to both “authorized” and “paid” when the card is authorized at checkout and when it’s charged through

In even more exciting news, both the orders and requests area date fillers now include the last sixty and ninety days. Legacy websites are now called Website Lite, and Website Lite also now supports full-site SSL! You can also have multiple passwords for security.

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In case you missed it, one of the most exciting updates is the new, enhanced Company Store Standard! This fresh look with a clean and modern layout is now available. Plus, you’ll notice the introductory company store solution now includes more of the advanced features and functionality of the higher-level company store options, which you can learn more about here. (Plus, if you click that link, you can also try it free!) And did we mention the addition of a product matrix? Oh, and multiple image support, enriched customization options including JS and CSS support, and more!

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SAGE Online received a few new updates as well. Phone number searches in the client/contact filter now work regardless of punctuation. This means that if you’re like me and like to type phone numbers with periods instead of dashes, it works! If you don’t use punctuation, that works too!

For those of you who use our email campaigns (and you absolutely should!), 14 brand-new templates were added. And if you’re using the enhance text feature for your blogs, campaigns, or catalogs, you can now translate the text to Spanish or Canadian French.

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Moving on to SAGE Web, the client/contact search bar now searches ALL the fields! Just like in SAGE Online, phone numbers now work regardless of punctuation. If you have clients with a high sales potential – they now have a little indicator shown on your client list. Plus, you’ll see a follow-up column, ship-date column, flag column, and an edit status column added to the Order Management dashboard.

When it comes to research, the product search page now has a sticky bar with these useful buttons for easier access:

Stats, stats, and more stats! Following our big update in Q2 to the SAGE Supplier Center, we’ve added some new stats this quarter! Suppliers will now be able to see distributor website clicks and email campaign clicks from end-users on their stats page.

We also released a brand new version of SAGE Mobile with all kinds of updates to the Apple App and Google Play store! You can now see your recent searches, plus the star icon was changed to a heart to indicate whether a product is a favorite.

Moving on to the supplier search options in Mobile. You can now chat directly with a supplier from your mobile device, check out their social media, and you’ll be able to see supplier contacts for product safety, the owner/president, multi-line reps, and you can even search for them by their ESG/Diversity designation! You’ll also be able to see if suppliers have any awards, whether they’re Canadian, and you’ll be able to learn a bit about the company in the new general information section.

In the client area, you can now create a new order. Plus, you’ll notice that the MyPromoDashboard was changed to “Client Portal.” You’ll also be able to start a projects section, and create a new presentation.

Speaking of creating a new presentation, you’ll be able to change the language, adjust pricing options, duplicate presentation items, update colors and fonts, and translate product info.

And that’s a wrap – it’s been a busy one! What updates are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below. You can also check out all of our past quarterly updates here.

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