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It’s been exactly one year since I last sat down with Jake Pan of Yorkn – and boy, has a year brought a whole bunch of changes! Last year, Jake and I talked about the story of his company and how he sort of stumbled into the promotional products industry. Born in China, Jake grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and business people – excellent role models for a young boy!

Currently, Jake lives in Toronto. But that won’t last long, it sounds like! He plans on making the move to Dallas soon, where he just opened up a Yorkn location last year. And I think I helped sell him on the move! SAGE is based here in Dallas, after all! Now Jake is looking for a few warehouses to expand into to bring more products domestically.

Plus, he’s still using his computer science degree to make Yorkn shine – including using SAGE Connect to bring distributors inventory, order status, and real-time product updates. He said integrating through SAGE Connect was definitely a game-changer for their business!

When it comes to their products, I asked what their best seller has been this year, and he said it’s definitely been their bucket hats. They’ve become ridiculously popular among the Gen Z crowd and the resurgence of the Y2K apparel trends.

Speaking of more industry trends, Jake tells me Yorkn is working towards a future of sustainability! Going green is an increasingly essential initiative for the company and its customers as a whole. They’ve already opened a domestic warehouse, and plan to expand their sustainable products by offering more items using renewable resources like bamboo and utilizing recycled materials for products like water bottles. Check out more of their bamboo items here!

And Yorkn of course prides itself on their products being made-to-order! Every product is made and printed as soon as the order is received. Then, it’s packed up and shipped directly to the waiting customer after going through a rigorous quality control process to ensure everything is as perfect as can be. If your customer is in a bind, don’t forget, they have lots of rush options available too – you can see those here!

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Yorkn continues to grow ā€“ and welcoming Jake here in Dallas! Hopefully, we can get a tour in soon?! For more information on Yorkn (US SAGE# 69488, Canadian SAGE# 51602), you can check out their website here. Do you want to catch up on past Supplier Spotlights? Click here!

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